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Discussion in 'Fantasy Football Advice' started by TheSnowman, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. TheSnowman

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    10 team Ppr league, QB tds are 4, others 6. 2 rb/2 wr 1 flex. Over 50 yard td gives a bonus. I think I had a nice draft, went wr heavy and bpa:


    Deangelo williams

    Andre Johnson
    Hakeem Nicks
    B Marshall
    Sims walker


    So my only real questions are QB and TE, the latter I can fill later. Lucky for me my friend took Brees and Rivers both early and needs to trade.

    So the deal is Marshall Meachem and Freeman for Brees and Mike Thomas. I think Marshall will be a beast, but I'd be dumb not to fill my QB hole..right?? Even though it's more ppr and less on QB, I'm giving my flex beast for a huge upgrade and still maintaining my strong sept, IMO.

    Thoughts please?
  2. themush

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    Honestly Freeman hasn't look sharp at all this preseason so.....
  3. 86WARD

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    Breed will probably score more than Meachem and Freeman To get Brees, I'd do it. You'll be able to find a decent WR on the waiver wire...not of Marshalls status, but there's someone out there you can capitalize on...especially in a
    PPR with only 10 teams. Plus you don't really need Marshall with Johnson and Nicks. Do it...
  4. Walnuts

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    So dont put any stock in preseason performance unless its injury related. Its preseason. I dont see Freeman as a hole at QB, and I think youd be much better off standing pat.
  5. TheSnowman

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    My thinking has not been that Freeman is a bad option. But he's far from a lock. On this team, Marshall is a virtual lock at that flex spot almost every week at this point in time. I think my depth is a strength that is lessened by having no room in the lineup. If I want to lock down a position with a guy who will play each week, doesn't it make sense for it to be QB, with a lot of options and waivers, which are free for alls w no order, to fill flex throughout the season (and I pick up Thomas)...