Trend Watch: Is Power Offense Making A Comeback?

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    Trend watch: Is power offense making a comeback?
    By Pat Kirwan |
    Senior Analyst

    May and June are considered the quiet months in the NFL, but there are still plenty of interesting developments to ponder and look forward to. Lets' tackle a few…
    Will bigger be better?

    As we continue to see defenses get faster and more athletic to handle all the matchup problems offenses throw at them, perhaps it is time for offenses to try a different tact. The trend is to use 230-pound middle linebackers who can get to the deep middle, 250-pound defensive ends who are best known as pass rushers, safeties with corner skills who are a bit undersized from the old-school 6-foot-2, 225-pounder, in-the-box strong safeties, weakside backers who are converted safeties, and extra defensive back packages based on down and distance. The defenses did what they had to do -- build units based on speed.

    Don't be surprised to see new Dolphins boss Bill Parcells mold his team's offense into a jumbo unit that can bully undersized defenses.

    I get the feeling that a few offensive coordinators are starting to see a new opportunity emerging from these defensive tactics.

    It was suggested to me that a few teams may be considering an old-fashioned offensive mentality that might be more from the Vince Lombardi school than the spread offense of 2007. It just might be time to send two big in-line tight end types out on to the field with a big old-fashioned fullback and a power runner. It might just be time to punch these quick defenses right in the nose with some smash-mouth power football.

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    Gotta love the power running game. Line 'em to man, best man wins. I love that style and thank god for me I root for a team that believes in that style. Thank you Jeff Fisher!
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    Fisher is one of the great coaches today. I love this type of football, as well. I believe Mularkey is taking the Falcons in that same direction. They acquired two big, blocking-type TE's and they have big boy, FB Ovie Mughelli to lead the way for Michael Turner. It's looking good for that style in Atlanta.
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    this was inevitable. Once the NFL started going to the spread offense, teams adjusted, now teams have to move to what will overcome