Trent Richardson Says Browns Owe 'Fans A Lot'

Discussion in 'Cleveland Browns' started by SRW, Oct 7, 2012.

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    The Browns have already lost as many games this season as Trent Richardson did in his entire three-year career at Alabama.

    Despite playing for an 0-4 team, Richardson said he is encouraged whenever he is out in public. He has a message for those fans who have his back and haven't lost faith, Jeff Schudel of the News Herald reports.

    "We have lost every game, so we owe this city, this town, our fans a lot," Richardson said. "They're behind us 100 percent. I sense them being frustrated when I'm out in a crowd, but they tell me to keep going. Most fans come up and say, ‘We love you all.' They're behind you everywhere you go."

    "We're not good until we win," Richardson said. "We're almost there, but until we start winning, that's when we'll be good. Our offense is going to be a part of that. We have to put up points."

    Source: The Redzone
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    You talking money back for the tickets they purchased?
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    trent is right. cleveland has some of the most supportive nfl fans in the country and they have been put through a lot of crap.

    there are some fan bases that don't deserve the good organizations they have and there are other fan bases that deserve better organizations. cleveland definitely deserves better.
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    I watched the Cleveland '95 thing on NFL network this week. You never forget about all those things and more but it still hurts each time it comes up in detail.

    Just gotta hope a new owner makes the right changes. They're moving forward but not winning yet, and its going to be tempting to clean house.
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    dammit, I missed that show. Thank you YouTube:

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