Troy Polamalu Trains Like A Figure Skater

Discussion in 'Pittsburgh Steelers' started by K Train, May 23, 2008.

  1. K Train

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    I really freaking hate him now....this secret training method is the most sorry freaking display of training for a professional football player and he will have another injury riddled pathetic overpaid year. If your a steeler fan please be warned that this is graphic for the highest paid safety in the world trains with 12 year old gymnastic teams.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Troy Polamalu Sportslab Video[/ame]

    just freaking wow, this candy butt little snitch boy is busy bathing in frankincense and muir while getting a pedicure and a facial and writing poetry while eating freaking carrots a kicking a 20 pound plate working out with 12 year olds and hippies.

    Hes such a freaking cat, he was such a beast out of college, he ate like a freaking man and was lifting more than anyone hes size should be able to lift. Ive seen the dude put up over 400 on the bench and now hes hopping like a freaking fairy as his primary training methods.
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  3. K Train

    K Train Do You Honeycutt?

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    now that's some crap
  5. Jtracey10

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    Kerry Rhodes >>> Troy Polamalu
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    I wouldn't go that far
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    Don't get carried away...
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    Um, I don't care how the guy trains. He is a top-5 Safety in the NFL and most teams/fans would love to have him on their sidelines. The guy has a motor like few have ever had.
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    I thought ghosting was not allowed :moe:
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    he used to be, but hes had 2 very sub par years now and has whiffed way more tackles than hes hit, and he hasnt had an interception since 06. our defense played better without him last year, we shut out the seahawks without him and the defense was lock down in the rest of the games....minus the jags but aaron smith was hurt. Hes just not the player he was and he makes the probowl because of people like you

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    your credibility gets lesser and lesser with posts like that...

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    That training looks like it would help you jump higher but he should still lift weights so he can be strong.
  13. K Train

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    well if would stop being such a homer for a sec and saw him for what he is and not what he used to be or what he had the potential to be you might understand. you'll see this year when he is getting picked on by QBs and devoured by blockers, he'll hurt his knee and miss half the year because hes a freaking cat
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    I Like Troy, When he's healthy... but I wouldn't take nothing away from Kerry Rhodes, dude is making a big impact, really quick.
  15. K Train

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    id take rhodes 14/9 times
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    First of all, I'm not being a homer as I've said plenty of times, in plenty of threads that I thought he's had 2 crapty years in a row...mainly due to injury. Secondly, I said I'd give him the benefit of the doubt coming into this season but if he gets injured again, that I'd be off his bandwagon in a second.
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    lol @ candy ass, I bet that candy butt can knock you the heck out....wonder what you called Lynn Swann when he took ballet..Faggot?
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    Swann was one jumping "happy!" Repped!
  20. K Train

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    hes probably to at one with nature to knock anyone the heck out. Swann is a HOF wr and made HOF plays...taking ballet to improve balance isnt uncommon at all and its not even the fact that hes doing this gay little hopping crap its that he refuses to lift and weight train like he did before he made all his money, as soon as he got paid it was like....well that was tough, glad thats over with now lets do aerobic dance instead its bullcrap. You guys think rookie contract are ridiculous, what about contract given based on him being a fan favoriye because hes got long hair....thats ridiculous, you dont get ed reed money when you dont even deserve to be mentioned in the sae sentence with him