Troy Polamalu Trains Like A Figure Skater

Discussion in 'Pittsburgh Steelers' started by K Train, May 23, 2008.

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    Well he took ballet before you became a HOFer...just saying, do you actually know that Troy isn't doing anything but playing with 12 year olds, are you there with him 24/7?
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    No, but i do know that he has refused to lift weights and the coaching staff was getting irritated with his attitude last year because he just straight up wouldnt train and wouldnt condition and he was an absolute freak out of college, USCs training and conditioning program had him at 220 and had his relaitvely small frame built to the max...he was jacked and being a great athlete already he was at his very best, now hes been reported to be like 207. I dont care about the metal he can lift off his chest really, its his crapty attitude, refusing to train with the team, thinking hes to good to condition. When you dont condition you get hurt because its a tough game, but injury is the excuse everyone makes for him, but the injuries were his own damn fault. I just dont get why everyone loves him so much and would ride his rod well into the night...if anyone else had this attitude people would bash him, but since hes a soft spoken, all of the sudden spiritual lion impersonator people think its ok. To not have a sack or interception since 06 is pathetic, blown coverage assignments, geting raped at the LOS, whiffing tackles...but still getting the biggest contract and making the probowl.

    i think hes gonna be crap again this year, but if he comes out and lights it up i write him a letter apologizing for all the mean things ive said about him over the last 2 years cause im not just a hater, id like to see him do well and earn that huge paycheck hes getting, but at the same time id like to see him traded before all that overrated saftey value he has runs out
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    Fair enough. Nicely stated.
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    i swear im not just a hater because i used to like him an awful lot and was guilty of claiming him as one of th best because quite simply he was among the top, but he let me down the last 2 years and has given no reason for me to change my mind about him. I swear i dont try to be an butthole, i just am one
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    To not have a sack or an interception since 2006? That's one season and an injury prone one at that. It's not like it's been since's the 2007 season ago...where he only played 11 games and half of those injured.

    He's also not "refused" to train with the team (which by the way is done by more than just Polamalu...a lot of players in the league don't train with the team) - he requested to train in California which was approved by the head coach.

    As for conditioning, did you not watch the video you posted? What would that be considered? Watch the video again, listen to his "spiritual lion tamer voice" and let me know what he's doing in the video...

    I also see some weights in there...


    You are a flat out hater...and you prove it with everything you write. I'll be the first one to stand up and say the guy played crapty last season. But I also realize the guy has a crapload of talent, was injured last season and will give him the benefit of the doubt this season.

    Trade Polamalu and what do you replace him with?
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    ok well it was week 3 in 06, basically 2 full year, and im not talking about this year, i understand the coaches let him do his thing this year, it was last year....he refused to lift and the coaches were getting irritated with him. I am not i hater, i just hate him with a passion right now because hes a joke.

    Trade him for a draft pick and move on, after some of the crap he pulled on the field last year id rather be a man short than have him get in the way.

    Hopefully he can be half the player he was in 05, and maybe try to actually play the position rather than revolutionize it because they caught on to his roaming style and now they just make him look like an idiot
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    lol no:icon_redface:
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    That's partially the coaches putting him in that can't lay all the blame on 43 for that "roaming style."
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    i know, and theres nothing wrong with him freelancing around because typically he does have good instincts, but that little expierement worked for a while but now they just ignore all his motion and catch him out of position, and playing like this might have made him rely on instincts a little to much. troy needs to get back to the fundementals and the basic idea of what a safety does and with our LBers looking REALLY good now he needs to play back and cover those TEs and stay out of the box, because we drafted him to cover guys like gates and clark and winslow, just seeing troy over the top to help the corners every once in a while would make me happy
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    I liked Polamalu for like 1 season.
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    WTF are you talking about?

    Have you watched Kerry Rhodes play throughout the last two seasons?

    Yeah, Polamalu makes the pro-bowl over him every year because the whole thing is a popularity contest but anyone who thinks Troy has played anywhere near the level of Rhodes over the last 2 years is insane.
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    The popularity vote is 1/3. The other 2/3 comes from players and coaches.

    If Polamalu wasn't injured, it's not even close.

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    I think they're both pretty good. That's a tough one.
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    You don't think his reputation helps among players and coaches too??

    Rhodes has been as good as any safety in the league over the last 2 years, Polamalu was very good for Pittsburgh 2-3 years ago but has done Jack crap since whether he's been healthy or not. Again I assume you haven't watched much of Kerry Rhodes over the last two seasons because you're clearly underrating him.
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    I think the players and coaches are a little better and a little smarter than the credit you give them. Seriously...if they know a guy is slacking, they know a guy is slacking.

    I'm not under rating Rhodes. I think he's very good, however, I don't think he would be in the elite group at this time...I don't feel that he is in there with Reed or Sanders. Polamalu has been in there with Reed and Sanders. 2005-06 Polamalu was ridiculous. Then he got injured a couple times and hasn't fully recovered...possibly because he trains like a figure skater. When he's healthy he's one of the top 2 SS in the league. Right now, maybe not so much.

    You are also trying to compare a SS to a FS and they are two different things...
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    Then how can you possibly explain both John Lynch and Troy Polamalu getting favored over Kerry Rhodes over the last 2 seasons???

    If you think it's based on performance then you're crazy.

    Also the fact that Troy is so injury prone counts against him when comparing the two players. There's no point in saying he much better when 100% if he hasn't been that way in two freaking years.
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    How much of John Lynch and Troy Polamalu have you seen? Do you watch them week in and week out? If not, then you have no idea what you are talking about. But regardless...

    They are two totally different positions...that's how. Again, you are trying to compare a FS to a SS and there is no comparison to be made...other than having the word safety in the position title. If you are going to compare those two, you might as well throw the CB position in as well.

    Would you compare an OLB to a MLB? A DT to a DE?

    As for Polamalu's injuries...crap happens. If it happens again this year, the guy will go down as one of the "could've beens" in my book. Just because he got injured two years in a row, I don't write him off as a nothing. The guy was so critical in the Steelers winning Super Bowl XL and has been a main cog in that defensive unit. Whether you like him or not, he's one of the top strong safeties in the league...even when he is injured.
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    Kerry Rhodes is a Free Safety (At least that's what he's listed as) an no, they are not that different. He lines up anywhere and everywhere, just like Polamalu does.
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    Actually the positions are different...

    Traditionally, a strong safety will play closer to the line to help with run support where a free safety will play further away and follow the ball and then either help with the pass or help with the run. Statistically, a FS stats will be higher than a SS.

    free safety (FS) - a player position on defense. Free safeties typically play deep, or "center field", and often have the pass defense responsibility of assisting other defensive backs in deep coverage (compared to strong safeties, who usually have an assigned receiver and run support responsibilities).

    strong safety (SS) - a kind of safety on defense, as opposed to a free safety. This is a central defensive back; originally, the term indicated that he lined up on the strong side of the field and covered the tight end. However, the modern usage of the term now indicates a central defensive back with responsibility for run and pass support, slightly favoring run support.