Troy Polamalu Trains Like A Figure Skater

Discussion in 'Pittsburgh Steelers' started by K Train, May 23, 2008.

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    My point remains, Safeties with the talent of Rhodes, Lynch and Polamalu will line up everywhere, regardless of what they are listed as. Are you trying to tell me John Lynch is better vs the Pass than against the run because he's a free safety? LOL

    It doesn't matter much at all.
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  3. Jtracey10

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    Can I also add that I have seen all but one of Troy Polamalu's games over the last 2 seasons and a fair few of John Lynch's too.

    I watch a lot of NFL. LOL
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    The definitions of FS and SS are absolutely relative to the scheme in which they play, you are correct. FS in Denver, John Lynch, leans more towards run support. FS in Indianapolis is a tweener, almost a CB in Bob Sanders.
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    in troys case hes a srong safety that can do neither well, but look like the king of the jungle doing it. Even if he is a SS, im always gonna look at him like a FS*

    *Figure Skater
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    I wanna fight Troy Polamalu, I'll knock him out.
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    :rollinglaugh: Rep.

    What title you give a safety doesn't matter as much these days. Schemes and responsibilities can change from week to week depending on the opponent.
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    I hear you, man. But I would respect you a lot more if I saw you say that TO him, and not ABOUT him. The internet curiously bestows boldness and courage where it would otherwise be starkly absent. :icon_cool:
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    dude i got huge e-muscles

    id say it to him, whats he gonna do? beat my ass? hes to much of a hippie...hed say in his michael jackson-like voice...well ktrain im sorry you feel that way.

    and then he would walk away, eat a carrot, brush his hair (43 strokes) and meditate in the sun to get his daily dose of vitamin D, in which case he would put on his yoga pants and balance on one leg for 45 minutes in a field of daisys writing poetry
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    LOL! Rep4U
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    kerry rhodes? ha ha. they're both turd amd they both produce fairly the same. however, whoever said they are different is 100% right. they both sick but you csn't compare how much they suck.
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    Didn't Polamalu not train like this last season and got hurt, where as when he has been training like this he hasn't misse dmore than like a game....
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    There haven't been any games yet.
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    Wrong. Troy didn't start this type of routine until he was in the NFL. When he attended USC he worked out in their weightroom with weights ... in the manner that real football players train which is why was was about 15 pounds heavier than his current "flee" weight. He didn't start the "unconventional" routine until his 2nd or 3rd year in the league ... claiming that its what his body was telling him was good for him at this stage of his career. and then crap went downhill