TUF 10 Finale

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    They were 4 lbs apart at weigh in. Kimbo at 212, Houston at 208. It was a 215 catchweight fight. Houston normally fights at LHW (205). Kimbo's normally a 230 lb HW. Houston's last fight was at heavyweight in a different organization (he weighed in under 215 for that fight iirc). Kimbo had to cut and was 212 at weigh ins so he rehydrated to being probably 220+. He was still leaner than he's been in all of his previous fights. Houston didn't have to cut much at all. The 10+ lb difference come fight time can show drastically especially when Kimbo's physique is more top heavy and Houston does have more size on his legs. Add in Kimbo's 2 inch height advantage and you see one guy looking "bigger" than the other.
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    I watched this at the hotel bar, and don't remember crap.

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    Kimbo was kinda impressive in beating Common's stunt double- although if there had been a competent fighter in there to expose the holes in Kimbo's game, we'd have probably seen Mr. Slice on the ground.

    Pretty solid night of fights- Jon Jones got screwed- I don't know if anyone noticed, but James McSweeney did the same thing to Darrill Schoonover (with the "12-6 elbows") and there wasn't even so much as a warning given to him. There was nothing resembling the Guida/Sanchez war from the TUF 9 finale, though. That was sad. Couldn't get over Rashad Evans being a snitch about Big Fat Roy winning the whole thing- so much for being a supportive "Team Rashad" guy!

    Chuck/Tito for TUF 11... cool? Tito may just kill Chuck this time around- and a lot of people wanted Forrest to coach again so we may actually get a non-disputed finish between Tito and Forrest (whose head looked oddly misshapen to me).

    I didn't have anything alcoholic to drink otherwise I might have been slurring by the time Hulk Hogan's rambling interview finished. I was hoping he'd say "brother" another couple hundred times... brother.
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