TUF Finale Tonight @ 9pm EST

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  1. dolphindude13

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    Here's the official results.

    Efrain Escudero def. Phillipe Nover via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
    TUF 8 Lightweight Finals

    Ryan Bader def. Vinicius Magalhaes via KO (strikes) — Round 1, 2:18
    TUF 8 Light Heavyweight Finals

    Anthony Johnson def. Kevin Burns via KO (head kick) — Round 3, 0:28

    Wilson Gouveia def. Jason MacDonald via TKO (strikes) — Round 1, 2:18

    Junie Browning def. Dave Kaplan via submission (armbar) — Round 2, 1:32

    Krzysztof Soszynski def. Shane Primm via submission (kimura) — Round 2, 3:27

    Eliot Marshall def. Jules Bruchez via submission (rear naked choke) — Round 1, 1:27

    Tom Lawlor def. Kyle Kingsbury via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

    Shane Nelson def. George Roop via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

    Rolando Delgado def. John Polakowski via submission (guillotine choke) — Round 2, 2:18
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    Yeah we won Mike, but we are freaking pussies and only bet $5000...


    I didn't even see that he had bet dude.

    You put money on Nover Dawk?

    Alright guys, what do we do for the rest of the night?
  3. DawkinsINT

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    No. After watching The Greatest Game Ever Played, I put on Spike. I just rooted for Nover since he seemed to be the underdog.

    I don't really follow the UFC, but I must say that I like Dana White quite a bit. As far as what goes on in the octagon, he seems to make sure that there is integrity there.
  4. tammietailgator

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    Fight some more - but with each other :cele18:
  5. hermhater

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    Wow Dawk.

    You need to get in the MMA threads more.

    You couldn't have been more wrong than that.

    I'm putting you in a anaconda choke tammie...

  6. DawkinsINT

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    Perhaps I do. I don't really follow the sport. I just know what he says on radio. He always talks about truth in the ring.
  7. hermhater

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    Without getting into the history of the sport, and how Dana has been the single biggest reason that it has gained such a main stream following, I will just say that in the last few years he's working his butt off to make the sport a freaking joke like boxing.

    I still give him respect for making MMA more accessible to fans, but he's got to slow down the progress or it's gonna turn into WWE bullcrap.

    Nover was considered a pretty easy win in most circles, but I just saw too much wrestling ability in Efrain.

    Glad to see you post in an MMA thread regardless though dude!!!

  8. tammietailgator

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    I can get out of that - I will then take you out with a rear naked choke and make you submit:kewl07:
  9. hermhater

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    You don't know how to get out of an anaconda, let alone take my back to get the rear naked choke...
  10. DawkinsINT

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    Obviously, I don't know crap about MMA and what Dana has done, so I'll probably sound goobered with the rest of my post. I'm just curious as an outsider though.

    It seems to me that he shouldn't slow down the progress for the good of the sport. How is he making it more like the WWE if the fighting in the ring is real? Or do you feel there isn't real fighting going on?

    I'm in zero way saying that what you isn't correct, I'm just curious as someone who doesn't really follow the sport.

    I heard Dana on O&A and he stated how the UFC has never and won't ever make fighters do anything when fighting based on pressure from the organization.
  11. tammietailgator

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    Up and out!:nahnah:
  12. hermhater

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    Dana talked the Fertitta's into buying the UFC organization some years back.

    He then changed the rules in the UFC so that the sport could get sanctioned and be legal in several states.

    After that he was able to talk Spike into broadcasting TUF (The Ultimate Fighter show).

    The series took off like a greyhound chasing a horny rabbit.

    Now that they have a mainstream following they are allowing unproven talent (Lesnar) into the elite fights in the sport.

    They did that to grow their fan base, but at the cost of allowing someone who hasn't proven themselves a shot at the belt.

    Before that there are several examples of fights that didn't get finished, and went to the judges, that were obviously given to the local fighters to increase interest in the sport.

    The one that I will snitch about forever is the Bisping vs Hammil fight in Manchester that Hammil dominated, and ended up losing.

    I've got beer to drink and don't feel like ruining my buzz, so I will end my rant there!

    Again Dawk, glad you showed up in the fight night thread!!!

  13. DawkinsINT

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    Thanks for the info, Hermy. :beerchug:
  14. hermhater

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  15. dolphindude13

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    Screw that....I wanna put a chick in the triangle......:devil1:
  16. hermhater

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    Obviously the triangle is more erotic when seen.

    I was going for the "snake down the throat" choke with tammie though...

  17. dolphindude13

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    You explained that really well HH.....completely agree on the Hamil-Bisping fight.

    I'll also throw Dana under the bus for his lack of action on TUF for not having the balls to kick out Junie Browning.....if you like the kid, fine, bring him back later into the UFC and start him at the bottom. He had no buisness remaining in that house....under normal circumstances he would have been in jail.
  18. DawkinsINT

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    On a side note...that brunette octagon chick was extremely hot.
  19. hermhater

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    I must have missed that part of your post Dawk.

    That statement was aimed at the Kimbo fight that he lost to Petruzelli.

    It was another MMA organization that sponsored that bout.

  20. dolphindude13

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    Yes she was....they always have fine ring girls.:drooling:

    Back to Dana though Dawk, I do like him, he's got a cool personality he says what he thinks and he has almost single handedly exploded this sport.