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    The Green Bay Fox affiliate WLUK says it will not air Seinfeld in its regular Saturday afternoon time slot because it's Eli Manning's favorite show and the station doesn't want Manning to feel welcome when his Giants visit the Packers.

    "Why give comfort to the enemy?" said FOX 11 Vice President and General Manager Jay Zollar. "Green Bay Packers fans do not want any of the New York Giants to get a good night's sleep and FOX 11 will do its part."

    But if the station really wants to get in Manning's head, why doesn't it take a page from the All-Seinfeld Team and show the episode where Jerry gets the bad haircut?

    Now this is funny crap.
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    Omfg rofl..that's just like our fox news at lasts an hour and the first 30 minutes is packers and the last 30 minutes is American Idol
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    ummm, maybe if eli is such a fan he probably has the whole series on dvd. Now that he knows he'll probably just bring it with him now. Pretty lame attempt at heckin with eli IMO.
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    easy dude - they are just messing with him, as a joke, you know ha ha - I am sure they are not trying to 'hurt' him, lol!
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    What about their OWN fans who happen to enjoy the comedic and whimsical stylings of Seinfeld and Kramer? In screwing with Eli, they're screwing their own fans!

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    They are so scared of him or something? :dontknow:
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    Well Seinfeld shows on TBS.......:icon_rolleyes: Plus, how would you know how many Packerbackers like the show
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    man, those cheeseheads really play hardball. what a shame there's no technology where eli could watch the show on some kind of tape or disc.
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    Read about this earlier on It will do jack crap in my opinion, lol. I dont like Eli to be honest, but this idea was a waste of time, he will do just as well or bad (most likely the latter) if it was aired.
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    I guess Eli couldn't afford to just buy them on DVD like the rest of us? Christ. Only in Wisconsin.....:icon_rolleyes:
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    I guess that TV stations evil plan didn't work.
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    didnt work at all he had a really good game.
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    I think the article i read said he has them on DVD... :icon_rolleyes:
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    or maybe some sort of digital video disk...maybe someday, technology will advance that far
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    Who bumped this thread? This is old news!!!