Two Teams Have Been In Contact With FS Darren Sharper

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  1. At least two teams have been in contact with New Orleans Saints free agent free safety Darren Sharper, according to a league source, though no visits have been scheduled yet. The Saints are still very much in contention to re-sign Sharper, as league sources have described their contract talks so far as positive but the 34-year-old is apparently attracting more interest on the open market than he did last year, when he eventually settled for a one-year deal worth $1.7 million in New Orleans. According to various reports, the New York Giants, Chicago Bears and Miami Dolphins have been mentioned as potential suitors, but that was before the Giants reportedly signed free safety Antrel Rolle.

    Source: The Times-Picayune
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  2. DaBearsrule4ever

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    Hopefully signing Sharper is the Bears next move.
  3. Tarkus

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    Bears need to keep spending money like drunken sailors to make up for sitting on their hands last year & doing nothing. Time to pay for your sins & overpay, boys.

    Of course they're also goofy enough to think adding Peppers to ratchet up that mediocre pass rush will magically 'heal' the inexperience at FS. :icon_rolleyes:
  4. Miami Really Needs A Safety!
    Get Him To Miami Please!
    GO DOLPHINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!