Tyler Thigpen Becoming Frustrated With Chiefs QB Situation

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    For the most part, Tyler Thigpen has said and done all the proper things since the Chiefs traded for Matt Cassel and then signed Cassel to a lucrative, long-term contract. Thigpen has worked hard, done what the coaches asked and, publicly at least, complained little over once again being a backup quarterback. Every once in a while, his frustration over not being allowed to compete for the starting position slips through. Wednesday was one of those days. “Matt’s been taking all the (snaps) with the (starters),†Thigpen said. “That’s obvious. They signed him to a long-term deal. He’s the face of the franchise right now. Good for him. Congratulations to him. Right now, I’m competing for a backup spot on this team. “It’s very frustrating, but that’s the way the business works.â€

    Source: Kansas City Star
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    then why is he throwing fit lol if he understands it all
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    That hardly sounds like a fit to me.

    It sounds like a mature individual who hopefully will stay with the team, but I'm losing hope.