Tyree's Catch Goes Down As History

Discussion in 'New York Giants' started by Sportsguy, Feb 10, 2008.

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    I was sitting around with some people after Super Bowl XLII, talking about the dramatic finish and, in particular, the winning drive. We still were marveling over the catch David Tyree made, leaping high in the air and wrestling the ball away from New England's Rodney Harrison, to keep the drive alive.Someone said it might go down as the greatest catch in Super Bowl history, better than Max McGee's one-handed stab in Super Bowl I, better than Butch Johnson's tumbling touchdown grab for Dallas in Super Bowl XII, better even than Lynn Swann's balletic leap for Pittsburgh in Super Bowl X.I took it a step further. I said I thought it was the greatest PLAY in Super Bowl history.There was a pause as everyone pondered that statement.The greatest single play? In 42 Super Bowls?Someone brought up Marcus Allen's 74-yard touchdown run in Super Bowl XVIII. Yes, that was spectacular, but Oakland already had the game well in hand. Adam Vinatieri's game-winning field goals in Super Bowls XXXVI and XXXVIII? Clutch kicks, certainly, but they didn't make your jaw fall into your lap the way this play did.I've been to every Super Bowl and I've seen all the big plays dozens of times in slow motion and from every possible angle. Prior to Sunday, I would have ranked the greatest plays as follows:One, John Riggins' 43-yard touchdown run in Super Bowl XVII. It was the game-winning score and it came on a fourth-and-one call. It is one of the classic shots in the NFL Films library; Riggins, all power and purpose, shaking off the last Miami tackler and thundering down the sideline.

    Source: NFL Films
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    it is the greatest super bowl play that i remember
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    That Riggins play tore my heart out, but for me the Tyree catch coupled with the Houdinni act Eli pulled make it the BEST play in history imo, at least that I've seen, which goes back to the Steelers SB's in the 70's.
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    I totally feel it's the greatest Super Bowl play ever. It was amazing on both ends from Manning to Tyree.
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    yea greatest play i've seen in a Super Bowl.
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    Damn good play and it deserves to go down in the history books....for me, being a Niner fan, it has to be Montana to Taylor to win the game.
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    Greatest play I have ever seen. In the Superbowl and any gm for that matter.
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    A very prolific and historical play. The radio talk shows, internet, tv, yada yada are trying to find a WordSmith to name the play. You have to define it with the escape and the completion. The best I have heard is Catch 42. But hey............what do I no.
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    "Miracle in the desert" would sound pretty good, as a parallel to the David-and-Goliath-like US victory over Russia in the '80 Olympics though it wouldn't relate to the same sport.

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    yea it was a great catch
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    greatest play i've seen in a Superbowl. I think the greatest CATCH in general that i've ever seen, would be outside of the NFL, Alabama's WR Tyronne Prothro, before he broke his ankle.. when they played Southern Miss, he caught a TD Behind the Southern Miss' defenders back.. as they both flipped, and he held onto the ball. That's the best catch I've ever seen, But all in all.. Thats the greatest play i've seen in a superbowl.
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    Seen that a lot on youtube, caught it over the DB's head, they fell to the ground and he still held on, marvellous catch.

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    yeah, that was sick.. it was even more sick when Alabama was undefeated that year, and had him in still yet in the 4th quarter, with 8 mins left.. beating Florida 31-7.. they threw it deep to him, and he snapped his ankle, it was so nasty.. i felt with their defense that year [led by Demeco Ryans] they could've won the National Championship, but after he got hurt, Bama had no Offense, and ended up losing in Overtime to LSU, had Bama won that game, by more then 3 points.. i'd of won 500 on my parlay that day.
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    Yep plus the catch Rice made on the same drive.
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    "The Great Escape"
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    As long as we're talking about great catches I think it's only fair that Brandon Lloyds sideline act was probably the best overall catch i've ever seen...It was a meanignless catch but his body control, one hand grab and ability to stay in the field of play was absolute craziness!
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    ^^Homer :lol:
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    lol- ya got me :icon_cheesygrin: