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    Doesn't really matter if he wants to fight him or not.

    He's in the division now, if they match them up he has to fight.

    I don't have a copy of his contract, but I doubt there is a Machida clause
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    I have to admit I've been out of the loop the last month or so, who's Anderson fighting next?
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    It was supposed to be Dan Henderson haven't heard anything on it. He's not with UFC anymore right?
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    Nope he went to Strikeforce.

    4 fight 16 month deal.
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    Anderson has Vitor Belfort... when that fight's going to happen, no one knows yet. It was supposed to be tonight, supposed to be at 109, now it could be until April before Spider comes back from elbow surgery.

    Tonight was... eh. Everyone there gave it their all, and there were some nice submissions... but it was a really lackluster card. Thiago Silva gave his fight away. He essentially Thalas Leites-ed it (if we remember Leites laying down, literally, vs. Anderson last year) until the 3rd round, and even then he cost himself big. Either way, Dana White has hinted that Rashad vs. Rampage might happen in March- where, I have no clue. 111 already has GSP/Hardy and Carwin/Mir in title fights, and there's no way in hell the UFC gives this one away for free on their first Versus Fight Night on March 21. Rashad/Rampage will headline whenever they throw down.
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    I give that an A+ dude.