UFC 151 Has Been Canceled

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  1. Huxley

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    Hendo Injured, UFC 151 Card Scrapped

    Hendo suffered a knee injury, so the event's been canceled. Damn. I mean, I think Henderson had a pretty small chance of winning but that's still unfortunate, especially since the entire thing is off now.
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    That's why I don't order these PPV until about 5 minutes before they start incase of injuries and cancellation. They could have saved the card if Jones didn't turn down the fight with Sonnen, but he declined and that finally killed the card. I'm wondering if the fight was going to be for the title because it shouldn't be with Sonnen losing his last fight and just moving to that weight clbutt.
  3. Cletusaurus

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    No, the card itself was struggling to generate interest once Josh Koscheck got hurt. Ellenberger/Hieron 2 is a great fight for fans that know their history and know how hard Hieron has fought to get back to the UFC... but to the casuals that know names and don't care about doing research, it's not a great match-up.

    The 151 card, after Jones/Henderson, was very soft to the common fan. This wasn't UFC 130 where you lose Edgar/Maynard 3 but can still elevate a "name" guy like Rampage Jackson to the main event. Had they been able to legitimately move this show to Fox with Ellenberger/Hieron 2 as the main, it could have been saved. But I don't think that was possible.

    As for the idea of Jones vs. Sonnen- no. Just stop it. That's nice that Sonnen was willing to step up to take that right on no notice, but you don't go from getting blown up by Anderson Silva 6 weeks ago to Jon Jones on a week's notice.
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    Well it sucks but it's better than putting out a crapy product

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  5. Mike

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    bones jones comes off as a punk butt snitch

    the ratings are too low???/ you're a fighter, fight
  6. ragman

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    Jones is getting crucified on Twitter.
  7. Cletusaurus

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    But there's no reason to kill him for this. 9 days away and a guy that's been trying to fight through a knee injury bows out, and JONES is the one getting thrashed online for it. I get that fans are mad at him for declining a fight (with a guy that hasn't earned it) but again, it's the UFC's fault for putting together a very mediocre (on paper/to the casual fan) card that couldn't survive the loss of its main event. Plus, there's no VIABLE challengers at 205 for Jones!

    Lyoto Machida just turned down a Sept. 22 rematch with Jones after he'd apparently been blowing Dana White up for months about it, does that make HIM a "punk butt snitch" too?
  8. DontKnowMe

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    Jones is suppose to fight Vitor Belfort now.
  9. Mike

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    i'm not a massive fight fan, i'm your casual ill watch if its on fox, or someone gives me a free stream, so i dont pretend to know all the inner works of UFC. So from my outside looking in view, in which i dont give a damn about ppv views, it seems like a snitch move on anyones part to decline a fight.

    i guess at the end of the day its just about the most bang for the buck and thats what jones wants
  10. Crowned

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    Why would you want to defend your title with no preparation against your opponent?
  11. Huxley

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    That's nothing new. A lot of people are critical and negative about Jon. Him turning down the fight only added a fuel to the fire reason for all the big mouthed couch potatoes to mouth off about him. I think it's a shame the event had to be canceled, though I can't really blame Jones for turning down a fight on that short of notice, especially against Chael. I don't dislike the guy, I think he's pretty funny at times, although I think everyone here and all over the place agrees he doesn't deserve any title shots right now. I think it's pretty ironic he was even in that mix, he's thrown some insults at the Light Heavyweight division itself, lol.
  12. yisman

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    wow, they scrap a whole event like that? wow
  13. SRW

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    Criticize Bones all you want. He's got nothing to gain and everything to lose in taking on a replacement with such little notice.
  14. DontKnowMe

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    Probably the same Jones haters that whine about him being to tall or having too much reach to fight at 205.
  15. Cletusaurus

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    Chael's been talking crap to Jones for a few weeks on Twitter, which is leading to a LOT of people declaring that Sonnen knew this was coming since he and Henderson are both members of Team Quest (although Hendo trains in LA, Sonnen in Oregon).

    The biggest problem with the madness that came from Hendo's injury was how poorly Jones handled his side of things. Sonnen came out on ESPN, Fuel TV's UFC show, etc. and had plenty to say that made him look like a hero. Jones sat idly by and eventually came out with a piss-poor half-assed "apology" on Twitter.

    This was a huge topic of discussion on my podcast show, and if SRW would let me post the link, you guys can take a gander to me, my co-host, and another MMA journalist chatting about this insanity yesterday.

    Oh, and NOW apparently Anderson Silva is coming out saying he'd have fought on the card. Not against Jon Jones, obviously... but he'd have done it.
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    anyone know where to stream the spider fight tonight for free? i could go to the bar but i'm feeling lazy.
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    Let's watch the streaming discussion is the open forums folks. That's against the rules. Check your pm's in a second [MENTION=2175]CaptainStubing[/MENTION].
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    I didn't see this until now [MENTION=529]Cletusaurus[/MENTION], feel free to post your link here. Next time feel free to PM me or use the @user feature to hit me up.
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    They could have saved the card if Jones didn't turn down the fight with Sonnen, but he declined and that finally killed the card. I'm wondering if the fight was going to be for the title because it shouldn't be with Sonnen losing his last fight and just moving to that weight clbutt.