UFC Champ Brock Lesner Seriously Ill In The Hospital

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    I did a little reading on HIV, and it can come on very quick in the early stages of infection, and the symptoms are quoted in the article as very similar to "mono", which is what Brock thought he had. Could be. Man, that would send a tremor thru the UFC, because the blood is very contagious like a 99% chance of HIV if taken by transfussion, so I'm assuming two guys with open wounds bleeding on each other isn't good, if one has HIV.
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    Well Dana said he doesn't have AIDS, and I don't think he would have even made a comment about that disease if it was even a possibility.

    It would hurt the sport too much.

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    True, but not saying anything fuels speculation, which is definitely flying around. I have never heard of it being passed by fighters as far as I remember.
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    keep us updated with the latest rumblings this story is intriguing... Hope Lesnar can recover from whatever he's fighting.
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    Me neither dude.

    If you read the rest of the article though Nog has a staph infection that's entered his bloodstream, that's no joke either.

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    Dana White is talking they might have to get him quickly to the Mayo clinic on this from a hospital in S. Dakota. Just WTF does this guy have?
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    Yeah I read that about the Mayo clinic, I wonder if they even know what it is yet.
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    I got a crapty butt feeling about this.. hope he's okay.
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    man this sucks

    hope dude gets better or they atleast find out what it is.....

    on rule schanges i didnt like them either i like when the dudes could still wear the gees ans stuff and had no time limits........long live tank Abbott
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    That doesn't sound good...
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    That's a bummer. I really enjoyed watching this guy fight. I hope he comes out okay on this. Really crazy that a guy in fighting shape one day is fighting for his life the next.
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    hes a pr**k, i love it.

    i love how he uses his massive frame to get on someone and hammerfist them to death.....its awesome.

    hope hes ok
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    Brock had minor surgery, not major and doing better. Condition is a large intestine infection, that if it spreads to the stomach wall can be fatal. He's home recuperating, so hopefully they got it taken care of.
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    That's good to hear TD.

    Wonder if he'll be cleared to fight again?
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    He's far from over this, so time will tell. None of us really like this guy's personality, but we all know he works his butt off to be in condition to fight, so I can't believe won't recover from this. There is such a lack of top heavyweights fighting right now, it would be a blow to the UFC, if he can't continue.
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    good to hear he'll recover. if he can get back to fighting it will be bonus.