Update: Dolphins Fire Cam Cameron

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins' started by Walnuts, Jan 2, 2008.

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    And hopefully shortly thereafter rehired as our OC.

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    Good luck getting him to SF, Walnuts.
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    Oh trust me Dawkins, I've got a plan nearly in place to get him out here. I'm sure by the time the official announcement is made I'll have the details worked out. If I could just remember where I put that damn chloroform. Hm.
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    Yeah GL Walnuts-That would be a better fit then Chan Gailey but i do like Chan!!! People should of known this was coming-No way Parcells left his silly butt there another year!!!!
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    Cam Cameron is a clown. I would not wish him upon SF. He built his limited rep on his stint as OC for the Chargers.....well crap, pretty hard to look bad there when you had the option of running with LT or passing with Brees.

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    I don't know,but dumping all your talent in a fire sale will lead to a 1-15 record. By the way, the Pat's do thank them for that. Who's idea was that? I don't think the coach. If you are going to rebuild for the future,then don't fire the coach after one year. As a first year coach,you'r kind of stuck with what you got. I don't think Belichick could have won 3 games with that crapass team.
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    True dat yo!!
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    It's official now, he's a goner.....
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    Cam Cameron is no longer coach of the Miami Dolphins after getting only one win in his first season.

    Cameron was fired Thursday by new Dolphins' boss Bill Parcells, which means the reeling franchise will have its fifth head coach in five seasons in 2008.

    Parcells began work Thursday as executive vice president of football operations and quickly concluded the Dolphins need another fresh start.

    It has been 37 years since the Dolphins fired a coach. But they never finished 1-15 before.

    Cameron was on the job 11 months before he earned his first victory as an NFL head coach. Until Miami beat Baltimore in overtime Dec. 16, he was in danger of becoming the first coach to go 0-16.

    Miami has missed the playoffs six consecutive seasons, a franchise record.

    Cameron signed a four-year contract in January. Owner Wayne Huizenga hired him over at least 12 other candidates after a two-week coaching search, the most extensive since the franchise's first season in 1966.

    The early front-runner to replace Cameron is Cowboys assistant head coach Tony Sparano. He's scheduled to interview Friday for the head-coaching vacancy in Atlanta.

    Other coaches -- including some good ones -- have been fired after only one season with a team. The list includes Cameron mentor Marty Schottenheimer (Washington in 2001), Art Shell (Oakland in 2006) and Pete Carroll (New York Jets in 1994).

    Cameron maintained a consistently low-key demeanor with the media and his team. The even-keel approach won praise from the locker room during training camp, but as losses mounted, players became coy when asked if they believed in Cameron.

    He was hired after five years as offensive coordinator for the high-scoring San Diego Chargers, and the Dolphins' offense showed improvement early in the season. But when John Beck became the third starter at quarterback this year, the unit failed to score a touchdown in three consecutive games, and the rookie returned to the bench.

    Cameron took over a team that had gone 19-29 the previous three years and was in decline following a series of bad drafts. Poor depth made this year's wave of injuries catastrophic.

    Running back Ronnie Brown led the league in yards from scrimmage when he was sidelined for the season by a knee injury, and Green and linebacker Zach Thomas also went on injured reserve. When 2002 NFL rushing champion Ricky Williams returned from a suspension, he lasted only six carries before a chest injury ended his season.

    In addition, top receiver Chris Chambers was traded after six games.

    The coach's office became a revolving door in 2004, when Dave Wannstedt quit after nine games and was replaced by Jim Bates. Nick Saban became the coach in 2005 but lasted only two years before leaving for Alabama, and he was succeeded by Cameron.

    Seven coaches started a season with a team that went 1-15, and only two returned the following year. Jimmy Johnson went 1-15 his first season in Dallas in 1989 but soon was winning Super Bowls, and Mike Riley remained with San Diego despite winning only once in 2000.

    Cameron's only other head coaching job was at Indiana, where he was fired after five seasons. His career record as a head coach is 19-52.

    Source: Chris Mortenson, ESPN
  10. What took so long?
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    Ummm....Marty....no thank you.....Art Shell....God please NO......Pete Carroll.....:snitchslap: Not a hecken chance!

    In Cam's defense this was not his team, this is a direct reflection on Nick SATAN and Wannstedt more than his.Injuries killed any chance that he had early on.
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    I'm glad he's gone but at least he didn't quit just because we were doing bad.

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    They were erasing his memory-Oh wait they were inhancing his Mind.
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    I agree on Shell and Carroll but Marty is a proven winner at least. Yes he has that awful playoff record but where the Dolphins are at right now, better to worry about getting back to a playoff caliber team first.
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    finally i've been waiting since we were 0-5 to see cam cameron leave and now it's finally happened it's like a blessing and we will bring in a great coach and have a great season next year:icon_cheesygrin:
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    Just a shame the roster is a complete mess then?
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    I think we've all been waiting for a while....as far as bringing in a great coach and having a great season next year.....don't expect much over 6-10 if that high imo.:beerchug:

    Yeah, good point. I like Marty I was just thinking of the disaster he is in the playoffs. Another name I've heard the last 2 days that I wouldn't mind is Mike Tice. I know he hasn't won crap either but I like his style and personna.