Vikings And Patriots Close To A Trade Involving WR Randy Moss

Discussion in 'Minnesota Vikings' started by themush, Oct 5, 2010.

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    The Minnesota Vikings are attempting to pull off their biggest blockbuster since acquiring Brett Favre. has learned that the Minnesota Vikings and New England Patriots have been in serious trade talks and are very close to a deal that would send All-Pro wide receiver Randy Moss back to the team that drafted him. However, Patriots sources say the deal is contigent upon Moss working out a contract with the Vikings. All sides are still trying to hammer out the contract Tuesday. In a 41-point outburst Monday night over the Dolphins, Moss caught zero passes, and he has made his displeasure known with his contract status in New England.

    Source Fox Sports
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  2. ravenfan52

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    Holy crap. What a turn of events that would be.
  3. 86WARD

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    That would be phenomenal. Herschel Walker-esque!

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    I'm mixed on this one, but the Packers sure need him more than we do. He just doesn't seem happy at New England, so maybe he needs ANOTHER fresh start. I'm curious what the Pats are asking for a draft pick. He's going to be pricey to sign, and he's being covered one on one by the better corners successfully, most of the time. I don't think it's a good move by the Packers, but they seem desperate enough to pursue it.
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    Vikings. :wink:
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    Where have you been TD? Brett is with the Vikings now dude....:icon_cheesygrin:

    This seems to me to be more of a calculated move by Minnesota in order to appease Favre.
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    mush - those stories will be released tomorrow. Patience son. Patience!! :icon_twisted:

    Favre for 2010. McNabb in 2011.
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    This would be insane! Hes done nothing for me in FF...but this could change it all!
  9. Does Favre walk away after the season despite the deal?

    He's been wanting Moss since he was in Green Bay.....
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    That's a lot of drama queens for one team. Look how it's working out for the Bengals.
  11. Jay Glazer:
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    What drama queens do the Vikings have? Favre is mostly a drama queen for his off season antics, been pretty quiet during his time as a Viking all together. Only other player I would regard as a drama queen is Ray Edwards. Moss didn't really cause problems in New England either, until this year when he's been vocal about his displeasure with his contract.
  13. MediaGuy

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    Stop The Presses.

    Patriots Say There Is No Trade.

    Source: Boston Herald
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    good move... rice,moss, and havin..should be very interesting to see hat this offense can do
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    :icon_cheesygrin:One too many Captains for me tonight. I can't believe I put down the Packers. Freaking rum. Rest of the night I'm back to beer.
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  16. Hold on a sec MG.....this was posted not too long after saying there is no deal.

    Ian R. Rapoport:
  17. 86WARD

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    Trade may not be done...doesn't mean they aren't working on
  18. MG jumped the gun on that one....surreal. :icon_cheesygrin:
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    I was very surprised to hear about these talks when I heard it on the radio tonight.