Vikings And Patriots Close To A Trade Involving WR Randy Moss

Discussion in 'Minnesota Vikings' started by themush, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. New England must feel comfortable with Welker despite him not being 100% right now. The rookie tight end's are playing well right now, especially Aaron Hernandez. There using TE's in the passing game more often than in the past when they had Ben Watson. Julian Edelman and Brandon Tate could get more looks if Moss is traded.

    Brady has been to the mountain top before with no-name receivers. If your not going to re-sign Moss after the year and your comfortable with what you have without him, take what you can get for the future to help re-stock the roster.
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    I think a lot of this comes down to Moss and Belicheater hate each other. BB has been questioning moss lately as he has fallen back into his rut of not running out his plays and taking plays off. Moss needs a chip on his shoulder to play well and at the top of his game, He always has. He's gotten soft in NE and it's affecting his game and it's now turned into this Media v Moss deal that's more a distraction and BB hates distractions, unless of course he's the cause of them.
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    Watching Favre & Moss losing a playoff game at the same time will be so sweet.
  4. What Ox said......Moss was unhappy he was held catchless and had just one pass thrown his way against Miami.

    Funny.....first time he was held catchless as a Patriot could be the last he puts on a Patriots uniform.

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  5. Adam Schefter:
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    Fixed :icon_cheesygrin:
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    Thank you for the correction, sir. :icon_cool:
  8. Revis and Moss going at it once again on Monday Night if this deal happens.....:popcorn:
  9. Not to mention Brett Favre facing his former team....this game will certainly be a media frenzy.
  10. It's going to be a busy....busy news day today. :peace:

    Adam Schefter:
  11. I have a feeling Randy Moss won't mind Roger Goodell extending the regular season.....Moss will be in line to play 17 regular season games this year if Moss is dealt to Minnesota since the Vikings already had their bye week.
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    Moss returning to Minnesota would be great for the team. With Sydney Rice out MOss would be a great addition
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    moss has had his bye week too if you account for all the plays he has taken off on.

    allso - lolz @ moss whining about being held catchless. he's 2nd on the team for targeted passes.

    i love this trade as it will pretty much take away any chance moss has in winning a super bowl. the dirtbag doesn't deserve to win one.
  14. True....he was held catches against Miami....that could be considered a bye.
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    According to ESPN, it's finalized. Moss to Minny for an undisclosed pick.
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    I actually think this trade will make us a better team by not having Moss and his attitude there. I felt Brady was forcing the ball to Moss to get him involved with the Offense, even when he was covered. Most of the time Moss couldn't beat one on one coverage this year, maybe because he wasn't putting out 100%. If it's just because of loss skills, it'll show up in Minnesota in a hurry.
  17. It's already been done hours ago...a third for Moss and a seventh.

    Where were you? :icon_lol:
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    Wow I might have to go back to favre as my fantasy qb now
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    I'm totally cool with scraping the bottom for QBs, drafted Kolb, ran with Vick.. now I'll try out Favre's old butt as long as he keeps death off his shoulder