Vikings Hire Kirby Wilson

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    Mike Tomlin has another coaching spot to fill, and this time he has to replace one of his most trusted lieutenants.

    Running backs Kirby Wilson is leaving Pittsburgh for the same position with the Minnesota Vikings, a source confirmed to ESPN.

    The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette first reported Wilson's departure, which is not yet official, hours after reporting that Wilson was no longer a candidate to become the Ravens’ offensive coordinator.

    Wilson twice interviewed for the opening in Baltimore -- he was one of three finalists for the job -- and his departure leaves just five assistants on the staff who have been with Tomlin since he became the Steelers’ head coach in 2007.

    The Steelers permitted Wilson to pursue other jobs even though he had one year left on his contract and was significantly involved in crafting game plans.

    The one question that will trail Wilson out of Pittsburgh is what might have been for the well-traveled assistant.
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    Mike Zimmer is putting together a pretty awesome Offensive staff.Can't wait to see what Kirby will do with AP,and Kirby also was involved in game plans with Pitt,so him and Norv working together will help this offence immensely.
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    Starting to shape up like I'm going to have to begin hating you like I hate Olly for the Packers. ;)
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    I'll take that as a compliment.:cheers:
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    Yea, it's not really hatin', it's just...well, hatin'.
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