Vikings LB Chad Greenway Says Team Has Two Great QB's

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    Chad Greenway, like most everyone else, isn't sure what to make of all the Brett Favre talk. The Vikings linebacker has heard the constant rumblings that the veteran quarterback might end his second retirement to play for the Vikings, but Greenway said he has no inside information. "There is so much going on with this in the media, and it is what it is," Greenway said Monday after an appearance at Marshall Middle School, part of the Vikings' community tour. "From what we know, it could be a blown-up story that may have no legs at all. What we're going to do is stick with what we got. We have two great quarterbacks in there, with JDB [John David Booty] learning."

    Source: Star Tribune
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    great is the last word to use when discussing either of them.
    life long backup is the proper term.
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    is chad greenway ok? does he have a concusion?
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    2 'great' QB's? um, the Vikes have 2 back-up QB's on the roster and they are hoping they get lucky and 1 of them catches fire in 2009. This team hasn't had a long-term plan at QB for a long time. They just take things game by game.
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    chad, can you point them out?
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    Cowboys FAN, Inclulbus Says Chad Greenway is smoking the pot.