Vikings WR Sidney Rice Still Recovering From Knee Injury

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    When Minneapolis Star-Tribune reporter Chip Scoggins asked Minnesota Vikings WR Sidney Rice about his knee, he responded, "Its getting better. I can really tell that its getting better. Im not 100 percent yet. But Im running routes full speed and feeling pretty good. The coaches were watching me run the other day and they can tell Im making progress with it. Im not too far off from it. But I should be ready coming into training camp." When asked what was preventing him from being 100% healthy, he said, "I still feel a little pain when I do get up to full speed or when Im getting close to it. My main thing is strengthening my quad and my hamstring. Ive been doing a pretty good job. When we start these OTAs Im going to be spending extra time in the training room running in the pool on the treadmill and doing little exercises. Those exercises help me out a lot."

    Source: Minneapolis Star-Tribune

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    I dont care what anyone says i think rice could be the #1 reciever if he stays healthy, and is given the chance.
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    ...and gets a QB

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    True that a consistent QB would be huge

    I dont know it just seems there are flashes of awesomeness. He has ups, deseptive speed, good hands, hes just waitin for it to come together
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    not a big rice fan. never was.
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    Sidney Rice will be a top 5 WR in the NFL this year, with Sage or Favre