Von Miller Guarantees Super Bowl Title For Broncos

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    Von Miller is pulling a Joe Namath and it's only March.

    Denver's star pass-rusher is already guaranteeing a Super Bowl title for the Broncos next season.

    Miller said he's dedicating the season to his 6-year-old cousin who recently emerged from a coma after a car accident in West Texas that also injured his mother and 8-year-old brother.

    On Monday, Miller tweeted: "You can post this where ever.. Denver broncos will win the Super Bowl" in the 2013 season. He added hash tags "4UJEREMIAH" and "IGUARANTEEIT58."

    The linebacker later told The Associated Press that when the boy, Jeremiah Clark-Martinez, came out of his coma, he was asked a series of questions to test his memory and among the first things he said was that his cousin, Von Miller, played for the Denver Broncos.

    That inspired Miller to make his pledge.

    "I've always wanted to win, I've always been motivated but when you're doing something for somebody else, it adds a little bit extra motivation. And I guarantee that we will win the Super Bowl in 2013," Miller told The AP by phone from New York while on a media tour for AXE skin products.

    "I guess you go across our locker room and I'm sure there will be a lot more guys join me in that guarantee," Miller added. "I don't see why not. I mean, there's 32 teams in the NFL. I'm sure all of those guys feel like they've got some kind of chance of getting to the Super Bowl and winning the Super Bowl. And I feel the exact same way."

    Source: Associated Press
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    simmer down Von
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    Somebody should remind him that Manning is crap in the playoffs.

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    I was just about to post something to this effect lol
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    I applaud him for saying it. It was for a good reason and not self serving like most others who guarantee wins. Not sure how it will play out but I like that he is giving his cousin something to hang on to.