Von Miller Says Broncos 'Way Better' Than Last Season

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    Broncos linebacker Von Miller is confident the 2013 Broncos will be even better than the 2012 version thanks to additions across the roster, Andrew Mason of Denverbroncos.com reports.

    "I feel like we have a way better team than we had last year," he said.

    Some of that is due to the additions around the roster, starting with wide receiver Wes Welker. Another reason is the continuity in the defensive scheme with Jack Del Rio returning as defensive coordinator; he's the first in that position to return for another Broncos season since Larry Coyer, who ran the defense from 2003-06 before the carousel started spinning.

    But Miller's confidence also stems from the April 27 addition of Shaun Phillips. Like Elvis Dumervil, Phillips has advised Miller, with a friendship dating back to before the Broncos drafted him in 2011.

    "He just had a lot of wisdom to give me before I had even stepped on the field, before I had even met Elvis," Miller said.

    "(With) some of the wisdom he can give me -- third downs, nickel situations, he can get after the passer, too, and from a number of different positions -- I'm pretty excited about our defense."

    Source: The Redzone