Waiver Wire Week 10

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    Well, lets see here we are after 9 games in quite a crazy season. I won in an ESPN league this week with these starters: Brent Celek, Ray Rice, Tim Hightower and Greg Camarillo. You know what they all have in common? Not one of them was drafted. Thats how important the waiver wire is, and thats why your eyes should always be on it. Just remember one caveat: Dont pick up someone unless he has better upside than who you are releasing. You should always be looking to upgrade your depth.

    So how is OPP working for you? If you listened, you would have started Greg Camarillo and Ernest Graham. So lets try this again

    No Limit Sports - Waiver Wire
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    I ended on monday with Derek ANderson, Schaub and Kolby SMith. Somehow snaked Quinn off waivers and got Ryan Fitz and Jamaal Charles as well. Waivers in my league clear Thurs AM, didn't have crap for time to do anything in the AM today before work so this afternoon I drove home, leaving at 425 PM and having to make it home before 510 or so on a 30 minute commute (in clear traffic) just so I would have a starting qb of any kind this week. Balling at 110, weaving in and out of traffic, got caught in heavy on the freeway and took backroads for 5 miles about 20-25 over the speed limit, and made it home minutes befire I had to to insert Quinn. Whew. THat's dedication.

    Not to mention it's lookiing like a fine descision to have made.

    IMO waivers make or break a team, and snaking that ONE special guy off waivers is IMO 100X more satisfying than drafting a sleeper.

    Nice article too Mike, next year I'll definitely hit up NLS for a team or two.
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    I picked up Brent Celek in my ESPN league to stand in for a week for Jason Witten. I also picked up Sage Rosenfels with Schuab out for a few weeks because the Texans are a decent pass offense and Sage has a reasonable amount of experience.