Walsh Confirms What I've Said All Along

Discussion in 'New England Patriots' started by FSUViking, May 15, 2008.

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    Dude, fact is that jealousy speaks way louder than reason FSUViking...
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    OooOH....scary threats. :icon_rolleyes:

    I got rep from Sweets for calling out NFL Fans, so easy there tough guy. NFL-Fans is dead, so how is that "fail", professor? See? NFL-Fans. DEAD.

    Who's jealous of what?

    Uh, yeah. That's exactly what you do. If my boss ever came up to me and told me to lie in court, or to frame somebody in a crime, heck yes I would quit. The "just followin orders" excuse is bullcrap. That's why he moved to freaking Hawaii and hid in banana tree for 7 years? Morality issues? His conscious just couldn't take it? Right.

    Walsh is no martyr so stop making him out to be.
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    To be fair, you don't know what financial situation Walsh was in, he may not have been able to quit his job...

    Just saying...
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    That's true. But if you read his bio he makes himself to be just short of Tiger Wood's swing coach for crying out loud. He has a case of the George O'Leary syndrom. Embellishment to make himself look better.

    I imagine being a golf pro in Hawaii has to be a pretty sweet gig. Maybe not.

    TOP DAWG Pro Bowler

    So that includes the Broncos in getting caught twice loading their team with creative handling of the salary cap. At one time the Steelers might as well had steroids in the clubhouse dispensed out of vending machines. You do know the rule on cameras on the field said no taping to be used for that game,which the Patriots weren't doing. It was to be looked at for future games,which even rodwad Walsh said. Belichick did not lie about taping the signals. Crap,he did it in FRONT of everyone without any attempt at hiding it. Coaches waved at the camera for Christ sakes. Belichick will continue to lay the beating down,and you guys can continue whining and making excuses for your team losing. If cheating works for an excuse,you had better dig around your own closet before going that route.
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    Everyone is jealous of the Pats success, hence jealousy speaks louder than reason.
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    Caught cheating to win games on the field is a totally different level than trying to manipulate the salary cap. One is trying to bend the rules to benefit your teams roster, the other questions the integrity of the game.


    Actually, to say that really shows that you don't know what to look for on a tape. A tape of the coaches, which is illegal no matter how you look at it first of all, could be used in the same game. You could easily tape the first quarter and have someone review that tape at half-time...IF you know what you are looking for. It's been discussed how it is possible umpteen times. But let's use your argument...regardless it is illegal to tape coaches signals.

    Belichick indeed lied. He said he didn't "understand" the rules on taping, he didn't "know" he was doing anything wrong. This only a week after the notice was sent to all teams about taping. Please. Stop being a homer.

    He's ruined the Patriots legacy for the team and for the fans of the Pats. Whenever this team comes up from here to eternity, it will always be followed with two things: "?" and "*." Sorry.
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    I got ya.
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    I have not seen pat fans fight for their team's defense as much as this viking fan whose only consistency throughout the forums he's been a member of is a consistency to get banned.
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    oh my god, wait, you got repped ? :icon_eek: man you must feel validated.

    listen sunshine - i am taking this post of yours to the fight club thread you posted so it can be discussed properly. :icon_smile:

    btw - i'm gonna go visit fans for a bit.
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    I don't freaking care. Seriously. Visit Fans. Who gives a FREAK? What part of this do you not understand? God....I've never seen somebody with such a hard-on for a message board.

    One forum. Singular. 3 years ago. Try and move on with life.
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    the turtle withdrawls into his shell. :icon_smile:
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    From what I've seen people just get tired arguing with you as it seems to be like beating your head into a brick wall, so they stop and that makes you think you won. Check the ego a little.
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    oh really ... hmmm, i seem to get along with everyone except for the posters that want to pass off their opinions as absolute fact and insult anyone and everyone who doesn't agree.

    the more i think about though, i could see how that would kind of rub that type of poster the wrong way and have them believe ego is involved.

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    typical cat move by fsu.

    maybe he's visiting his dead mom. although i haven't heard a knock on my door so if he's looking, i'd say try again.

    so true!
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    ^^^ purple - you may want to check the first part of your post there - it's adding to the problem.