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  1. FSUViking

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    Walsh doesn't have Rams walkthrough tape

    Contrary to a February 2 report in the Boston Herald, former Patriots videotape assistant Matt Walsh does not have film of the Rams' Super Bowl XXXVI walkthrough.

    Walsh gave the NFL eight videos of opponents' coaches from 2000-2002. The tapes show the Patriots stealing offensive and defensive signals in regular-season games against the Dolphins, Bills, Browns, and Chargers, and the Steelers in the 2002 AFC Championship. Walsh's attorney says his client never claimed to have a tape of the Rams' walkthrough and was not the "unnamed source" in the Herald's story. The NFL has not yet commented. May. 7 - 9:33 pm et

    Source: New York Times

  2. FSUViking

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    So there's other tapes. We pretty much knew that there would be. Belichick even said there were. And no, the 2002 AFCCG tapes vs Pittsburgh don't mean anything, unless they found a way to take the film, process it, and use it in the same game.

    But I'm confused as to his lawyers comment. Uh, wasn't this entire freaking thing brought about BECAUSE Walsh claimed he had tape of the Rams walkthrough and he was ordered to do it? Or am I just imagining that?
  3. Crowned

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    Least something is getting started....
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    Hopefully they will lose more draft picks
  5. FSUViking

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    What's getting started? He has nothing we didn't already know. Belichick gave him more than just the Jets tape. Goodell said there was more than just the Jets tape. This whole thing would be dead and over with if Walsh didn't say "HEY! I have a tape of the Rams Super Bowl walkthrough!"

    Nothings going to happen and nothing should. It's over. Done. Get on with your lives. The season starts in less than 100 days!
  6. nastynate184

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    so freaking tired of this story it just needs to die
  7. FSUViking

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    Unless some stoog climbs out of a hole somewhere and says he helped take the tapes and turn them into signals for the coaching staff to use.......it finally will.
  8. burnout2oo7

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    I'd like to see comments from Kurt Warner and Martz on this. :icon_mrgreen:
  9. Crowned

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    Didn't someone say the Rams didn't even have a final walkthrough?
  10. burnout2oo7

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    They did, but it wasn't extensive, or something like that. I don't think Warner and Martz would start crying if they didn't have any sort of practice whatsoever.
  11. FSUViking

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    I'm pretty sure Martz is already on record as saying he didn't think the Patriots taped. He already commented on it, back when Walsh first popped up and wasn't screaming for justice about it, so.....
  12. 86WARD

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    But they would've been used when the accusations/suspiscions said they were used in the 2004-05 AFC Championship Game.
  13. mike oxlong

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    how come it was so easy to find out what was on these tapes, but we never were allowed to find out what was on the original tapes
  14. Black Prowler

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    Because the NFL covered it up..but now they are in the thick of it so destroying tapes this time around would make everyone more suspicious. Despite not getting the tape of the Rams Walkthrough(which I beleive still may exist....Walsh may be milking this thing for all we know.) The eight tapes turned over confirm the Pats cheating. If they cheated in 8 games or so why wouldn't they cheat in any others? I think this shows that the pats are guilty of cheating in every game belicheat has coached and therefore the Pats should be stripped of all titles including Playoff and Super Bowl wins. FREAKING CHEATERS!!!!!!!!!!!! :rant: I want my Super Bowl Championship ring heckers!!!!!!!!!! :cuss: :moe:
  15. mike oxlong

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    we all do bro, lol
  16. burnout2oo7

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    I've got a better solution. Tape all Patriot practices next season, and distribute the video to all of the other 31 teams in the league. :icon_mrgreen:
  17. Sportsguy

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    yea lets only hope
  18. 86WARD

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    Well if these tapes aren't anything Goodell has received or was told about by the Patriots, this in "new evidence." He could reopen the case if he saw fit.
  19. seanq

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    He could, if it is. But I seriously doubt it.

    As soon as Belichick met with the commissioner and Goodell told him his interpretation of the rules was wrong (as should have been clear by the memo before last season started), Belichick sent the NFL all the sideline/signal tapes and notes he had. It sounds like the tapes Walsh has are just more of the same - if they are different it is just that it is the unedited raw footage of what the NFL already saw.

    Walsh is just a disgruntled ex-employee, he is a self-serving prat who made as much noise and threats as the circumstances allowed him to. No, he never said he had tapes of the walk through. He claimed he was told to tape it. And then said he has tapes the NFL would want to see. See the difference?
  20. GORE

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    If these are the only tapes Walsh has then there will be no further punishment.