WALSH TAPES Are In......

Discussion in 'New England Patriots' started by FSUViking, May 7, 2008.

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  2. PurplePeopleEaters

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    of course they were used. duh!
  3. FSUViking

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    Not "would've", but "could've"......
  4. Sweets

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    No new evidence....hmmmm who didn't see this coming???
  5. FSUViking

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    Well, I hope nobody forgets that Goodell sent a memo to ALL TEAMS informing them that taping was not allowed outside of a pressbox. If it was only the Patriots doing it, why do all 32 teams get the same warning? Just sayin......

    Here's something worth cfreaking out. Maybe the Cowboys*** need their titles stripped too?

    Jimmy Johnson thinks Spygate is overblown
  6. DaBearsrule4ever

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    I'm sure the Rams want their Super Bowl 36 trophy and i'm also sure the Eagles want theirs from Super Bowl 39.

    If Goodell punishes the Pats again, it will probably will be a slap on the wrist or something.
  7. The Mullet

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    Ok. First of all, they aren't your Super Bowl Championship rings unless you were on the team

    Second, IMO what they did was minor at best and losing a 1st round pick is already an inflated penalty to make an example.

    Third, film and planning mean NOTHING if the players don't execute, which they clearly did.

    Fourth, most coaches have variations on their playcalls to counter this sort of thing. Coaches are the most paranoid bastards in the world (see covering your mouth when you call in plays). Don't be fooled into thinking they are the only ones who do this, they are just the ones who got caught. In fact, Jimmy Johnson admitted that he did it when he was coaching and that it never really did him any good anyways because everyone did it and everyone changed up signals the next time they played the team.

    Everyone is just pissed that they have been so dominant and jealous and have been given some sort of rally cry to cling on with the cheater thing. Just like people have always wanted to hate every dynasty from the Steelers and Cowboys of the 70s and will always find a motivation and reason to hate teams that they are jealous of.

    Hmmm... you mean a coach with a QB most notorious in the league for making tons of pre-snap adjustments? Good thing they win with class huh? Should be winning with pretentious hypocracy :icon_rolleyes: .
  8. FSUViking

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    I have a question for the people that think it could be used in the same game, and it's not meant to get anyone going. In the months since Spygate broke, in the age of technology and 24-hour sports Networks....wouldn't somebody(s) at HBO, CBS, FOX, ESPN, a station in Indianapolis or Pittsburgh, some video nerd at a community tech school with a Dell.....somebody, somewhere.....have shown the world exactly how they could use the tape in the same game they were filming it?

    It's easy to SAY they did, or could, but I would think we'd have seen how, by now.
  9. The Mullet

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    The only way they could use it in the same game is if they used the same signal more than once and they noticed. That would require some outstanding perception, and you could do that with just your eyes, and we can't ban those :icon_rolleyes:
  10. burnout2oo7

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    Not really. Unless we can go back in time and have the game end with a different score. I don't think anyone would want a Super Bowl ring that way,
    and really I don't think we lost because they taped us (if they did). We had every chance to win that game, but we made one too many mistakes.

    That's true, but why give the benefit of the doubt to a team you've caught cheating?
  11. 86WARD

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    If the Patriots were using tapes like they admitted, cheating like they admited, pretty much caught cheating in the 2004 game, the tapes from 2001 would've been used in that 2004 season.

    Why are you bringing up crap from 6 months ago?

    They all got the warning because he doesn't want anyone else getting the idea. It's common sense that he would put the whole league on warning. Patriots got caught cheating with evidence. No other team can be accused and convicted.

    Seriously dude, this is old crap. Let it go already. :icon_rolleyes:
  12. ball in the baskett

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    Hopefully this is the end of spygate im tired of hearing about it even though it was fun in the beginning lol.
  13. 86WARD

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    Here Here!!
  14. TOP DAWG

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    I'd read what Jimmie had said about this,and he said many teams have done this,which Goodell was aware of. He wanted it stopped,and that's why he said it would not be tolerated this last season. Belichick continued to do it in plain sight, was penalized,and rightly so. If KC had been caught,who would have really cared. Belichick has pissed off a lot of people,especially sports writers,so everyone jumped on this with gusto. I have a lot of respect for Jimmie Johnson on informing the public of some of what took place when he coached, and how this wasn't anything new.
  15. 86WARD

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    Jimmie Johnson said this was going on months and months ago when this story first broke. Why's there a need to bring it up again? It has absolutely nothing to do with the information Matt Walsh handed over. Even that information is irrelevant at this point.
  16. FSUViking

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    Yeah.....I'm the one who needs to let it go. :laughy32: OK.
  17. 86WARD

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    I'd say yes. Good observation on your part. Hopefully it won't be hard for you...I know how you have trouble with the little things.

  18. PurplePeopleEaters

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    yeah. post something new. this crap is recycled news bro.
  19. FSUViking

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    I thought it was apropos considering these comments the rest of you are making are the same ones you said last September.
    Recycled comments deserve recycled news story's. So how about the pot and kettle both move on?
  20. 86WARD

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    Actually...I wasn't around last September...but thanks for thinking of me!