WALSH TAPES Are In......

Discussion in 'New England Patriots' started by FSUViking, May 7, 2008.

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    Look what you did now! You hurt Wards feelings!
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    Not so much hurting the feelings as thankful that he thought I was here...
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    Wait.....you have 7,910 posts since.....FEBRUARY?!

    Dude. Get outside once in awhile.:icon_eek:
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    Plenty of time for outside, inside...whatever you need I gots the time.

    Went to work, had a softball game, watched the Flyers game, had dinner...what else should I do today? It's not hard to get on here and crank out 30 posts at a shot.
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    I only hope they get really screwed in the end
  6. 86WARD

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    It should be interesting...with Specter poking his nose around even more and the tapes being released to the media on Tuesday...
  7. mike oxlong

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    these tapes are being released to the media and the first one's were destroyed immediately, if that doesn't define shadiness, I don't know what would
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    Right?!?!?! :laughy32:
  9. FSUViking

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    Do you freaking knuckleheads forget that they Jets tape was SHOWN? On national TV by Jay Glazer less than 48 hours after the Jets game? Seriously. I can't even begin to imagine what conspiracy theory you guys have cooking in your heads. It has to be something so outlandish that only Oliver Stone can appreciate it.

    Matt Walsh provides tapes from 2000-2002 for about 6 games vs Miami, Buffalo, Cleveland, San Diego, and the 2002 AFCCG vs Pittsburgh.

    From 2000-2002 the Miami Dolphins beat the Patriots 4 times, including twice in 2000. How did taping help New England there? Two of those losses were by double digits, 30-10 & 26-13.

    Buffalo is a bad example because they were terrible and everybody beat them in that stretch. New England has dominated them for most of this decade.

    Cleveland played New England in 2000 and beat them 19-11. Advantage.....? Dawg Pound.

    San Diego played them in 2001 and 2002. They lost 29-26 in 2000, and then came back and beat the Pats 21-14 in 2002. So either they taped in the 2nd game that they lost, or they taped in the 1st game.....and the footage did nothing for them because they lost the re-match.

    They lost over half the games they taped in, so how did they gain a significant advantage from it, especially an IN game advantage?
  10. mike oxlong

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    it's not the outcome of the cheating that matters, it's the act itself. If you lie to your parents and that lie leads to something that is good, it doesn't matter. You lied!

    They freaking cheated, then lied about it, then instead of owning up to it and accepting responsibility to the fans that made them rich and famous, they act all high and mighty and basically act like they are the victims

    for that belicheater is a scumbag and a piece of crap that I do not and never will respect. When he acted like he didn't know and then wouldn't answer questions when it was proved otherwise showed how truly small of a man he is
  11. FSUViking

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    The Patriots NEVER denied what they did. Get your facts straight.
  12. TOP DAWG

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    He did it right out in the open without hiding it. To him it wasn't a big deal,since it's been going on for years and nothing new. No one made an effort to do anything about it till this year,so it's not cheating if it's tolerated. If someone had been filming our defensive signals,and we're too stupid to not know it,and make adjustments, our coaches need to be fired. It's like steroids in baseball. EVERYONE knew it was going on,but the Commish didn't give a crap,so they did it even though it was banned. If the Feds hadn't got involved it would still be part of Baseball. What it gets down to is it involved the Patriots. Everyone is totally jealous of our success,and blew this Mickey Mouse crap totally out of proportion. Belichick is a great coach,and an butthole. I can live with that.
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    uuum...first of all fans get to buy the super bowl rings after the team recieves thiers so since I am a fan I would get to purchase a ring and other souvenirs.....try again dude!:icon_rolleyes:

    second...what they did was NOT minor..they freaking cheated and got cought!!! Definately not minor when the rules were broken...thier punishment was minor! :wtf1:

    third...possesion of illegal filem with the intent to execute is still breaking the rules!!!

    fourth....that's irrelevent...has nothing to do with cheating.

    no everyone is pissed because they appeared to be dominant when all they were doing was cheating...and to refute your other point....the players DID execute.:icon_cool:

    get a clue man! :icon_rolleyes:
  14. 86WARD

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    They CHEATED...that questions the integrity of the game...there's nothing minor about it. CHEATED to win...
  15. mike oxlong

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    when BB was first asked about it, he DENIED IT, once the video proved him wrong, then he said he "misunderstood" the rules. He originally said he had no idea about it. Maybe you should get YOUR facts straight
  16. TOP DAWG

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    Give me a link on the denial. I never heard him deny he taped signals. Crap, some coaches waved at him. He did it in plain sight. You guys do realize, if I wanted to tape signals, I can do it from the coaches box upstairs,and use microphones on the field,and get away with it? Is there any NFL fan that believes their team hasn't bent the rules sometime in the team's existence? :icon_rolleyes: If so, a first grader has a better grasp of the real world.
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    why is this still a topic?
  18. SRW

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    The only time I remember Belichick denying anything was when the story of the team taping the Rams walk though surfaced. before that he pretty much didn't say anything other than the written statement he read when the NFL handed down it's punishment on the Patriots.
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    Is it over yet?

    I fell asleep in my chair, and was wondering if the NFL is still gonna change all the rules???

    Screw, can't I just go to sleep without hearing about the freaking Patriots???
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    :icon_thumright: :icon_thumright: