Wes Welker's Snowangel

Discussion in 'New England Patriots' started by Dougerrrr, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. Dougerrrr

    Dougerrrr Laus Deo

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yU8aCzzF1Ns]YouTube - Wes Welker Snow Angel Touchdown Patriots 47 vs. Cardinals 7[/ame]
  2. DawkinsINT

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    He's having fun. Flag and fine him!!!!
  3. Ridin Burgundy

    Ridin Burgundy on the Magic Bandwagon

    I hope Roger gets raped by a snow angel.
  4. Dougerrrr

    Dougerrrr Laus Deo

    Heard his fin was the same as Ellis'...NoFunLeague

    WOODDRIVER Team Veteran

    I live in Arizona, what is this snow you speak of? Welker was just having fun, but when your position in the playoffs is not yet solidified, you must be aware of the karmic ramifications of showboating.
  6. Dougerrrr

    Dougerrrr Laus Deo

    I think that was more spontaneous fun than showboating but that goes to show you it's all in what side you're looking at it from.
  7. ollysj

    ollysj iKraut

    So a snowangel is worse than stomping towels? I can't follow that logic....

    TOP DAWG Pro Bowler

    That cost him $10,000? Wasn't even that good of a snow angel.:icon_rolleyes:
  9. Platoon 86

    Platoon 86 Loony

    Man...that's crazy.
  10. Sportsguy

    Sportsguy AKA-Sportsguy9695

    that was crazy that he got fined!!!!
  11. SeanTaylor21

    SeanTaylor21 TheKingofKind

    What the hell was he thinking doing a snow angel jeez!