West Virginia QB Geno Smith Hopes Chiefs Are 'Legitimately Interested'

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    Since the Kansas City Chiefs acquired Alex Smith in late February, the logical signs have pointed to them drafting an offensive tackle with the first pick of the draft. But why not create doubt among the quarterback-hungry teams about their intensions? It probably won’t work, but how do you know if you don’t try.

    In the middle of this game is top QB prospect Geno Smith, who will be coming to Kansas City on Monday to continue his tour of teams before the draft.

    "I hope Kansas City is legitimately interested,â€￾ Smith told USA Today. "I hope I go No. 1, but, hey, we'll see. The Chiefs are bringing me in, so I'm going in there thinking that they're interested (in me), because I am in them.

    "I'm just going to do what I've always done, try and impress them, just be myself and allow the process to do it's job and get ready for whoever drafts me."

    Although the opinions about Smith’s NFL upside are decidedly mixed, it seems all but certain that he’ll be selected somewhere in the top 9.

    "All of the teams have been really impressed with me, they've all said good things," Smith told USA Today. "I'm not going to put my hope or my eggs in one team's basket. All of them have shown a high level of interest. It's not a case where I know of one team being more interested. We'll just have to see on draft night."

    Source: Sporting News
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    with the way rookie contracts are, he would basically be paid what a good back-up qb makes .......... the only problem with that is they just picked up daniels at a #2 back-up rate.

    i suppose they could draft him and then trade him to the highest bidder but that would be a little risky.