What Could We Replace Preseason With?

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  1. As you remember one very controversial player once wanted the league to get rid of the pre-season. Obviously this didnt happen but if it were replaced with more practice squads and an extended training camp would anybody really notice besides die hard fans and analytical researchers like myself?

    What would you replace preseason with?
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    The extra revenue that NFL teams get in preseason games via ticket sales and television makes sure that they will never get rid of it. While the games get really sloppy and stuff, it really is useful for final cuts.
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    I Am all for women's topless skating or cheerleading tryouts.
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    We should replace preseason with Braveheart
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    I'm doing a preseason draftkings tonight.. because 1. I hate money and 2. I have nothing better to do with my sunday night.
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    Had I only put in SF defense instead of DAL I would have turned $3 into 40 :/
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    What was as painful as a toothache, the preseason is now a root canal with no anesthesia because of guaranteed contracts. Players with big guarantee money will never see the preseason field in the future...the risk/reward just isn't there. They really should just let the teams play a series of non-televised intersquad games to prepare for the season, but as long as there's a buck to be made preseason's here to stay. Unfortunately, it's worse than Treehouse Masters and Dating Naked.
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    Hey man dont knock Treehouse Masters, my friend was on that show.
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    that dating naked show is a whole lot better than that f--king nude in the wild show is.those folks are bat shirt crazy to go out in jungles naked. one guy ended up with some kind of bite worse than any case of crotch kritters known to man!
    one chick was out there when the flag was flying,so you know that smelled real damn good!
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    17 game season, 3 pre season. Might as well
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