What Direction We're Heading To?

Discussion in 'Green Bay Packers' started by ollysj, Nov 8, 2009.

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    I’m so embarrassed today, you can’t imagine. This wasn’t just a loss, it was the proof that we are mediocre at best. Yes, we are 4-4, but look at the teams we’ve beaten. Rams, Browns and Lions are the cellar of the NFL and we came away with a lucky win against the inconsistent Bears. Today’s loss to the Bucs, a team that hardly found the end zone this season, was just pathetic.

    I hope we finish with a loosing season, maybe some people at Green Bay will wake up then, even if I doubt it. Basically they are the same, who got rid of Holmgren and Wolf, the tandem who brought back the glory to the frozen Tundra, only to bring in Ted Thompson/Mike McCarthy after a few rollercoaster like seasons.

    Take a look at the TT years…

    2005: 4-12 under Mike Sherman
    2006: 8-8
    2007: 13-3
    2008: 6-10
    2009: 4-4 so far

    One winning season, even with that current Vikings QB under center and one time we made it into the postseason, is all he has to show off.

    While he’s so freaking proud to be 13m under the cap, he didn’t bring in any valuable veteran next to Woodson. Quiet the contrary, he released proven vets, mostly just because they weren’t “his†guys. The O-line (or what we’re calling an O-line) is the best example. He got rid of key players and replaced them with unproven rookies. Depth? Nothing…. After we had lost Spitz to injury, he wastes his roster spot for a WR. Rodgers is on his way to a 60+ sacks season. I doubt he has fun out there.

    His build-through-draft philosophy is nice, but in today’s NFL it’s almost impossible to create a team this way. Especially when you draft players, who goes form NCAA IR to NFL IR. I’m not asking for spending big money on big names, but sometimes a proven veteran would help. Just saying….

    The current situation is bad and if TT continues his way, I can’t see a bright future either.

    So, what direction we are heading to?
  2. BU54

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    Same direction as my Bears my friend. We just gave the Vikings a big boost today. :icon_sad:
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    TT is not the only problem. the coaches have been horrible. mccarthy's play calling is questionable. The o-line may be the worst in the league and it shouldn't be. and the defense is actually getting worse since mccarthy came to the team. the special teams are a joke. i would actually put more of the blame on the coaching staff than TT.
  4. K Train

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    the oline is real banged up at the moment thats a problem. but jennings is no where near where everyone expected him.

    this 3-4 system is no good for them...kampman just cant be dropping in coverage so much. they have alot of great players on defense, just not in this scheme. raji and matthews look to be future difference makers
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    Damn, and I didn't get you guys anything... :icon_redface:
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    Not to mention he ran Favre out of town :icon_cheesygrin:
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    TT brought McCarthy in and still hold onto him, bc he is his choice
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    Changing your tune on Raji from draft season?
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    The thing that makes it easier to be a Chiefs fan than a Packers fan is we didn't have any expectations. I'd be pissed as all get out.
  10. K Train

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    nope, still think he is a 43 DT.....but i like what he brings to the table. i dont think the 34 experiement lasts long in GB, hes not the anchor they need for that defense but hes one of the better players despite playing out of position and not having the best fitting supporting cast. sammie lee hill is still better imo lol
  11. warcrychief

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    your team is tied 4 the youngest team with the Chiefs. but your team has more talent.
  12. K Train

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    chiefs are loaded with talent imo
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    yeah but no direction yet.
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    Maybe we have talent, but nobody who boost it.