What Is Mixed Martial Arts?

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    Ive Did Some Reasearch on MMA and Decided To Post It Up On GIF.

    What Is MMA?


    It stands for mixed martial arts, the rules vary depending on whos running the show but the idea is to have a fight with as few rules as possible without risking death or permanent injury of any kind.

    Mixed Martial Arts Fouls

    The Nevada State Athletic Commission currently lists the following as fouls:

    1. Butting with the head.
    2. Eye gouging of any kind.
    3. Biting.
    4. Hair pulling.
    5. Fish hooking.
    6. Groin attacks of any kind.
    7. Putting a finger into any orifice or into any cut or laceration on an opponent. (see Gouging)
    8. Small joint manipulation.
    9. Striking to the spine or the back of the head. (see Rabbit punch)
    10. Striking downward using the point of the elbow. (see Elbow (strike))
    11. Throat strikes of any kind, including, without limitation, grabbing the trachea.
    12. Clawing, pinching or twisting the flesh.
    13. Grabbing the clavicle.
    14. Kicking the head of a grounded opponent.
    15. Kneeing the head of a grounded opponent.
    16. Stomping a grounded opponent.
    17. Kicking to the kidney with the heel.
    18. Spiking an opponent to the canvas on his head or neck. (see piledriver)
    19. Throwing an opponent out of the ring or fenced area.
    20. Holding the shorts or gloves of an opponent.
    21. Spitting at an opponent.
    22. Engaging in unsportsmanlike conduct that causes an injury to an opponent.
    23. Holding the ropes or the fence.
    24. Using abusive language in the ring or fenced area.
    25. Attacking an opponent on or during the break.
    26. Attacking an opponent who is under the care of the referee.
    27. Attacking an opponent after the bell (horn) has sounded the end of a round.
    28. Flagrantly disregarding the instructions of the referee.
    29. Timidity, including, without limitation, avoiding contact with an opponent, intentionally or consistently dropping the mouthpiece or faking an injury.
    30. Interference by the corner.
    31. Throwing in the towel during competition.
    32. Using a Foreign object in the ring to your advantage

    What Are The UFC Weight Classes?

    *** The Weight Classes Are Different for Almost Every MMA Organizations

    Lightweight - 145 pounds to 155 pounds
    Welterweight - over155 pounds to 170 pounds
    Middleweight - over 170 pounds to 185 pounds
    Light Heavyweight – over 185 pounds to 205 pounds
    Heavyweight – over 205 pounds to 265 pounds

    MMA Organization

    Here Is A List Of Different MMA Organizations.

    Adrenaline MMA
    Art of War
    Art of War Fighting Championship (China)
    Big Show MMA
    Brass Knuckles Promotions
    Cage Rage
    Cage Warriors (UK)
    California Xtreme Fighting
    Chaos In The Cage
    Close Quarter Combat
    Elite Warriors Championship
    European Vale Tudo
    Extreme Fighting Challenge (Columbus)
    FFC - Freestyle Fighting Championship
    Fight Festival (Finnish)
    Fight League
    FightClub Berlin
    Full Contact Fighting Federation
    Full Moon Fighting
    Fury FC
    GCM Fighting Site
    Gladiator Challenge
    Gladiator Productions
    International Fight League
    K-1 Japan
    K-1 USA
    King of the Cage
    M-1 Mix-Fight Championships
    MKM Knockout Promotions
    Pancrase USA
    Pride FC
    Rage in the Cage
    Raw Ultimate Fights
    Texas Cage Fights
    The Fight Party
    The Ultimate Fighter
    Titan Fighting Championship
    Travel Answers
    Ultimate Nokaut
    Urban Destruction
    Valor Fighting
    Victory Fighting Championships
    Viking Fight
    World Extreme Fighting
    World Fighting Championships
    World Fighting League
    X Fighting Championships
    Xtreme Fight Promotions
    Xtreme FN
    Xtreme Gladiators

    Who Started Mixed Martial Arts?

    The history of modern MMA competition can be traced to mixed style contests throughout Europe, Japan and the Pacific Rim during the early 1900s; the Gracie family's vale tudo martial arts tournaments in Brazil starting in the 1920s; and early mixed martial arts matches hosted by Antonio Inoki in Japan in the 1970s. The sport gained international exposure and widespread publicity in the United States in 1993, when Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter Royce Gracie handily won the first Ultimate Fighting Championship tournament, submitting three challengers in just five minutes, sparking a revolution in the martial arts. Meanwhile in Japan the continued interest in the sport resulted in the creation of the PRIDE Fighting Championships in 1997. The movement that led to the creation of the UFC and PRIDE was rooted in two interconnected subcultures. First were the vale tudo events in Brazil, followed by the Japanese shoot wrestling shows. Vale tudo began in the 1920s with the "Gracie challenge" issued by Carlos Gracie and Hlio Gracie and upheld later on by descendants of the Gracie family. In Japan in the 1970s, a series of mixed martial arts matches were hosted by Antonio Inoki a former star of New Japan Pro Wrestling, this inspired the shoot-style movement in Japanese professional wrestling, which eventually led to the formation of the first mixed martial arts organizations, such as Shooto, which was formed in 1985.

    MMA Teams

    Here is a List of Different Teams. Teams Are Under what Fighters Train. IE Wanderlei Silva Trains With Chute Boxe USA

    Abrigo Martial Arts
    Academia Real Fighting Club
    Advanced Fighting Arts
    American Top Team
    Bangkok Fight Club
    Beverly Hills Jiu-Jitsu
    Braveheart MMA
    Camp Undefeated
    Carlsbad Jiu Jitsu
    Cellar Kickboxing
    Cesar Gracie Jiu Jitsu
    Champions Family Fitness
    Chute Boxe USA
    Coban's Muay Thai Camp
    Cooper's Gym USA
    Dark Gift Combat
    Dave Terrell - NorCal Fighting Alliance
    Defensive Edge, Inc
    Delco BJJ
    Del's Fitness Centre
    Eric Nolan
    Escolade JiuJitsu
    Escolade Jiujitsu
    Evolution Combat
    Fight Legion
    Flo Mixed Martial Arts Gym
    Freestyle Muay Thai
    Gorilla Combat
    Gracie Academy of Austin
    Gracie China
    Ground Control Baltimore
    Hassetts Karate
    Health questions and answers
    High Altitude MA
    HMC Kickboxing
    Idaho BJJ
    Infinite MMA
    Info Muay Thai
    Jersey MMA
    Kombat Group
    Lawrence County MMA
    Mark Eccard Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    MASH Gym
    Master K Elbow KO
    Master Mehrdad
    MasterQ Mac Team
    Matt Hume Pankration
    Miletich Fighting Systems of NH
    MMA Phuket
    Modern Combat Academy
    Mohler JIu-JItsu + MMA
    Nest MMA
    NJ Bujutsu Academy
    North Dallas BJJ
    Ogres Den
    Philly MMA
    POW Kickboxing
    Red Deer MMA
    Relson Gracie South Carolina
    Revolution Fight Team
    Revolution Mixed Martial Arts & Fitness
    Royce Gracie Acadamy
    Sacramento BJJ
    Scorpion Gym
    SDI Fremont
    Shooters MMA
    Shootfighting S-Pain
    Silverbacks Vale Tudo
    Sityodtong Muay Thai Camp
    Sityodtong USA Los Angeles
    SLO Kickboxing
    Tallahassee Fightclub
    Team Caique
    Team Ewkk
    Team Nogueira Tulsa
    Team Punishment
    Team Quest Fight Club
    Tigers Gym
    Trojan Free Fighters
    United Martial Arts School
    Vanguard Gym
    Vos Gym Team Site
    VT-1 Gym
    Wai Kru MMA
    World Extreme Fighting Fight Team

    MMA Fighting Styles

    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


    Catch Wrestling
    Freestyle Wrestling
    Greco-Roman Wrestling
    Jiu Jitsu


    Kung Fu

    Jeet Kune DO

    Submission Kombat or Submission Kombat Karive
    San Shou
    Tae Kwon Do

    Mixed Martial Arts Disciplines

    Stand-up: Various forms of boxing, kickboxing/Muay Thai and forms of full contact karate are trained to improve footwork, elbowing, kicking, kneeing and punching.
    Clinch: Freestyle, Greco-Roman wrestling, Sambo and Judo are trained to improve clinching, takedowns and throws, while Muay Thai is trained to improve the striking aspect of the clinch.
    Ground: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, shoot wrestling, catch wrestling, Judo and Sambo are trained to improve submission holds, and defense against them.

    MMA Fighter Records

    Here is A website where you can find the Official MMA Recors of Almost Every (Competent) Fighters


    MMA Clothing

    Their Is Loads Of MMA Clothing Company's. The Most Popular's Are Tapout, Affliction, Warrior, Sprawl, Venom, Sinister, No Fear, Cage Fighter, Everlast, Combat Sports, Throwdown. Most of Popular Fighters Have Their Own MMA Shirts. They Decide The Art Work and give the rights so that their name can be printed Behind the Shirt. IE [​IMG]

    Some Exciting Fights

    If you want to see exciting Fights, I gathered A Short List:

    Wanderlei Silva vs. Dan Henderson 1 and 2
    Wanderlei Silva vs. Quinton Jackson 1 and 2
    Takayama vs. Don Frye
    Quinton Jackson vs. Kasushi Sakuraba
    Quinton Jackson vs. Ricardo Arona
    Kevin Randleman vs. Fedor Emelianenko
    Mirko Filipović vs. Aleks Emelianenko
    Bob Sapp vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
    Vitor Belfort vs. Tank Abbot
    Vitor Belfort vs. Wanderlei Silva
    Vitor Belfort vs. Scott Ferrozzo
    Tank Abbot vs. Steve Nelmark
    Don Frye vs. Gary Goodridge 3
    Carlos Newton vs. Jose Landi-Jons
    Takanori Gomi vs. Luiz Azeredo
    Takanori Gomi vs. Nick Diaz
    Evangelista Santos vs. Melvin Manhoef
    Stephan Bonnar Vs Forrest Griffin (Part 1)

    There is many more Matches

    Who Is Rickson Gracie?

    Rickson Gracie holds a record of over 400 wins and has not lost a mixed martial arts match. However, he lost in a match with Sambo rules. Apparently, he didn't know the rules before hand and lost because of that. He was thrown and defeated by Ron Tripp in that match.

    Did Someone Die While In A MMA Match?

    Yes there has been one death. The one I know about was Douglas Dedge when he fought Yevgeni Zolotarev in an unsanctioned fight in Russia. Douglas was told not to fight by his doctor and was not allowed to fight in the USA. He had a pre existing brain injury.

    Who is The Highest Ranked Fighter?

    It would probably be the highest ranked HW since he competes in the largest division. The best pound for pound fighter is a complete different story. Usually it comes down to...

    Anderson Silva
    Dan Henderson
    BJ Penn
    Norifumi Yamamoto

    I used Info from: NinjaShoe, Wikipedia, MMA Playground, Sherdog, MMA Warehouse, google.
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    Excellent article and job well done CP. A couple of things though......You don't have Anderson Silva in the Highest Ranked Fighters when he is the undisputed #1 fighter in just about every set of world rankings that I've seen.

    And next....in your exciting fights.......Forrest Griffin vs Stephan Bonner Part 1 has got to make the list.......I'd say that fight had more to do with exploding this sport and the UFC than any one event in MMA history. I personally know 10-15 people that had never watched MMA until TUF 1 and that Bonner-Griffin fight....and they are all now hooked!
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    Thanks for the feedback DD. First of all Anderson Silva is one of the top contenders as is GSP. I just added the ones I thought. Forrest and Bonnar was an awesome match Ill add it too.

    Thanks again DD :Chest:
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    I prefer JJ
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    You are actualy Right. I don't think Capoeira is used in the UFC but It is used alot in Japan. It is one of the most important Styles. JJ is as popular or more popular the Capoeira.
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    Isn't Capoeira a Brazilian thing?

    btw. Thanks for the time and work, to research and post this information
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    For the JJ - Todays JJ didn't have much to do with the traditional JJ. Japanese call it Gaijin JJ.

    Are you doing any MA?
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    lol, I never suffered anything worse than a bruise in several years of JJ
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    i've been training bjj a year now and have numerous nagging injuries. no one gets away unscathed
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