What Player Do You Just Hate?

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    Man,you people are some freaking weird haters. 1/2 these players you guys hate,you'd trade your left nut for,and be buying his jersey, as soon as they got one done in your team colors. :icon_rolleyes:
  2. chiefswin19games

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    Not really. Every single player the Chiefs have signed that used to play for the Faders or Donkeys I have hated. NAPOLEON HARRIS SUCKS!!!
  3. bandi

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    That's why the Donkeys and Raiders got rid of 'em! :icon_confused:
  4. Inclulbus

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    I agree, especially those saying Romo, And Brady.. and any other good QB [Peyton, Eli] All cept Phillip Rivers, cause he really is a douche bag. As far as a player that I hate, it's a hard thing to say.. because usually when I hate someone, I respect him so much, that it brings the hate away. If anyone though, i'd prolly say Brandon Jacobs. He's a big piece of injury prone fat, gets a TD in the playoffs, thinking he's a big shot against us, throws the ball off the score clock.. When it was Ahmad Bradshaw who did the damage of getting them to the 1-2 yard line, for his fat butt to walk into the endzone.
  5. WarEagle

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    My least favorite player in the league right now is DeAngelo Hall. Being big-mouthed and over-rated is not a good mix for me.
  6. SeanTaylor21

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    That was his second TD in the playoffs. We used Ahmad Bradshaw to get to the 1-2 yard line because we know the Boys are too cat to try and take on Brandon Jacobs up high because as far as I recall the only serious injury Jacobs suffered last year was a sprained MCL against the Cowboys because they were diving at his knees. Tell that big fat boy Roy Williams to do the one thing he's good at run stopping. Oops can't because he's too busy getting stiff armed by Shockey.

    Dude, the point of this post is to say, don't hate on Big Blue for doing what Romo can't which is getting a playoff win, and beating the Patriots.

    [ame="http://youtube.com/watch?v=6JLHGbCSR6E"]YouTube - Brandon Jacobs Takes Fred Smoot Out of the Game[/ame]

    Don't hate on the big man.
  7. packerboy

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    Wait, you're saying that even if you are smaller than the person you have to tackle to take them high?
  8. Inclulbus

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    You notice he's taken a Redskin out in that clip right, not a Cowboy. And It wasn't Roy Who hurt ya' over-sized RB, It was at the time ROOKIE Anthony Spencer. He also put a boo boo on Elisha's Shoulder, which apparently made him better. So you should be thanking him. We will see who the Giants Starting RB is by mid-season, after Jacobs gets hurt again. And you're suppose to go after a big guys knees, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. If he didnt want to get treated that way, he should lose about 45 lbs. Ahmad Bradshaw is the future of the Giants backfield, it's not Jacobs. Write that down.
  9. Wes McSnipes

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    Players I can't stand:

    Terrell Owens
    Tony Romo
    Jerramy Stevens
    Reggie Bush
    Tom Brady
    Phillip Rivers
    Donovan McNabb
    Pacman Jones
  10. SeanTaylor21

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    He's 6'4" weighs 265 pounds. Thats not a hefty man. 45 lbs would put him at 220 which is skinny mang. Anyone can hurt a big guy by chopping his knees.
  11. BarlOwens

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    I call bullcrap..I'd never want doug flutie or his flutie flakes around the niners....
  12. Alcohol_IV

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    I dislike Tom Brady because his hot Brazilian is hotter than my hot Brazilian.
  13. Flacco2MasonTD

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    I can't believe in 21 pages of this vile hatred no one brought up Jamie Dukes! That fat bastard talk total horsecrap on NFLN 16 hours a day and makes up asinine nicknames for players that he later tries to push into the common vernacular, and quite frankly knows sweet FREAK all. Couple that with the fact the the son of a snitch only played in 1 (!) playoff game in his tremendously underwhelming career and I don't think that fat heck has any business telling me about football - I mean Jesus Christ they could at least get someone who won a single goddam playoff game!
    Screw I hate that sonuvasnitch!:icon_evil:
  14. cpgobrowns

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    Anybody see Me-shawn guest hosting Jim Rome's show on ESPN today? Made T.O. sound like Morgan Freeman.
  15. cover the spread

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    joey porter. douchebag to the max

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    leonard little deserves a nod too. nothing against him as a player but you have to be pretty damn selfish to get busted for another dui after you get off for killing a person while driving drunk.
  16. Clown Hunter

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    Fred freaking Taylor. He holds the record for the most rushing yards in Three Rivers Stadium. They had him on MTV Cribs. He was showing off his house and crap. On his freakin wall is a Plaque. With a piece of our old turf. :icon_frown:

    He to me was the king of the cutback against the grain runners. Against our agressive 3/4 he would go with the play and then hop skip his butt the other way. There is always supposed to be one guy there trailing the play to stop that. Either our guy would over pursue and Fred would dust him or he would just run over him. That leaves a whole side wide open.

    He has done this to us on more than one occasion. Lately we have finally seemingly figured it out.
  17. Sweets

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    I'd rather listen to him then any of those losers on ESPN.
  18. Clown Hunter

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    Another Steeler killer that I hate is Rashean Mathis. The guy is not even that freaking good!! We throw the damn ball straight to him each time we play him. Usually he runs it back for a touchdown.

    I swear probably half of his lifetime interceptions are against the Steelers.
  19. cesar26

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    JJ stokes, R.Woods for being a waste of draft picks for us.
    Ben chokes on his rothlisberger, just a cocky butthole rapist
    Hines Ward, i hope someone slaps that stupid smile off his face
    and pacman heck pacman
  20. Clown Hunter

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    Hey in defense of Rob. He actually played well in that playoff loss to the Tits. He played well enough to win. Then the Music City Miracle happened.