What Series Are You Watching Thread!

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by LebaneseFF, Dec 11, 2013.

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    yup that one. Most shows I like to watch from the start, I have the blacklist on the dvr just haven't gotten around to watching it. That's the great thing about AMC is that they'll have a marathon of one of their shows before a new season starts that allows you to catch up, that's what I did with Mad Men and Breaking Bad.
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    BTW, AMC is going to have a Walking Dead and Breaking Bad marathon coming up, all the episodes will be played:

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    Great news for those of you who don't have Netflix. I can't recommend highly enough that you check out the Breaking Bad marathon.
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    Okay for those who don't follow Homeland! Yesterday was the season 3 Finale. OMG! Talk about a plot twist!
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    Bumping this because bumping threads is the cool new thing to do.

    Possible Game of thrones Spoilers ahead!

    I'm halfway through season 3 of game of thrones. Seriously incredible. Danny targaryen is a baaad dog. The last couple scenes of episode 4 are awesome.

    It's kinda funny and ironic that the show abd their world are pretty much dominated by men, but it's the female storylines that I'm most interested in. Ariya stark and Danny Targaryen are the crap.
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    Just started Breaking Bad...
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    Orange Is The New Black season 2 available on Netflix a week from today.
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    I'll be watching that as well. Enjoyed the first season...
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    watch so many i can't name all of them.i like the reality ones like life below zero and deadliest catch,and of course 24.most of the weekly series i watch are not coming on until this fall.