When Do You Start Sitting Your Colt's Players?

Discussion in 'Fantasy Football Advice' started by Harvs01, Dec 14, 2009.

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    I'm looking for some fantasy football advice from the members of our GIF community. With the Colts clinching pretty much everything possible in the AFC playoff scenario, I was wondering if this upcoming week at Jacksonville is the time to start benching players? I have both Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark on my team, and would obviously like to squeeze a many weeks as possible out of them...I'm just not sure they or Peyton Manning will be playing an entire game the rest of the year. What do the experts here at GIF think?
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    I dident even think of that yet i have reggie wayne to. As long as they have a chance to be 16-0 they will play the starters for a good amount of the game imo. Probably would take them out when they have a decent lead like 3 tds or something like that. There lieing if they say they dont want to be 16-0.

    By the way good game in the yahoo league who would have thought i could have beat you with leonard weaver and ahmad bradshaw lol hope turner comes back this week
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    In one league, I have Peyton Manning. I've just finished at #2 so I'll have a bye next week. For the semis and maybe the title game, I've picked Alex Smith as a possible replacement. Since he'll play the Lions and the Rams in week 16 and 17, that should be fine.
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    I just had my buy...semis are week 15 and finals week 16