Why The Buccaneers Should Avoid Johnny Manziel

Discussion in 'Tampa Bay Buccaneers' started by Castilla, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. Castilla

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    In the wake of reports that Johnny Manziel is on Tampa Bay’s short list of players they covet at the #7 selection, the time has come to explore why this would be a poor decision for the newly installed Lovie Smith regime. He’s not pro ready While Manziel does possess a great deal of potential, […]

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  2. Aussie61

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    Everyone should steer clear of Manziel
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  3. Castilla

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    At least as a 1st round pick. If a team without pieces in place takes him to be a savior, I believe they end up let down. It would probably be best for him to go somewhere where expectations aren't as high.
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  4. Jihad Joe

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    Its been rumored we are interested if he slips to 16. I wouldn't mind it as thats about right where I have him, and he will sit for 2 years and we already have a franchise LT and WR for a young QB
  5. CaptainStubing

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    johnny manziel is the next russel wilson. in other words, put a great team around him and he will look great. put a crappy team around him and he's not going to look so hot.
  6. Aussie61

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    I don't agree with that.Wilson isn't anywhere near the level of the top QBs,but he looks after the football and is able to do what the offence is designed for,and with a bit more receiver help could do better.He was able to come in to Seattle and win the job as a rookie.
    I don't see Manziel being able to come in to the NFL and compete right away,he throws off his back foot too much and his mechanics are average at best.If he throws the ball up the way he did in college,NFL DBs will have a party and Manziel will be a turnover machine.Regardless of what type of offence he is in I see him as a bust.He is the one guy I want the Vikings to stay well away from.
    I respect that you have a different opinion,and the one thing about this QB class is that there are so many guys that could be good,average or fail.At least we have some lively debate and varying opinion,something we don't always get at draft time with QBs