Why The Chiefs Can Beat The Colts.

Discussion in 'Kansas City Chiefs' started by Arrowhead4Life, Oct 6, 2010.

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    Why the Colts WILL beat the Chiefs.

  2. Why we beat the Steelers in OT.
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    Didn't see any reason?

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    The Colts have some defensive issues, but in a shoot out I'm going Peyton. However, would love to see KC win this one. Go Chiefs. :icon_cheesygrin: It's easy for me to cheer for the Chiefs, it's like a Patriots 2nd team in personnel.
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    It's not loading but a couple reason, Studebaker read Ben like a book and Ben got injured in key moments, but we lost and I'm alright with that. I think the Jaguars beating the Colts ruined it for you guys, an unhappy Peyton is not a good Peyton, for his opponents.
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    i read the article and obviously it's from a homer perspective.

    Obviously, we all know the colts are struggling on defense. however, right now, isn't it pretty easy to game-plan against the chiefs offense? someone is going to figure out that if you take jones and charles out of the mix, Cassel is going to have to beat you. If I were a D-coordinator, I would take those odds. In addition, the Chiefs have been getting tons of big plays thus far out of their special teams and defense. What happens in a game when they don't get a ton of big plays out of those units?

    Personally, I think if a coaching staff is smart, the Chiefs can be game-planned pretty easily. In my mind, the Chiefs are ripe for a blowout loss if someone game-plans them properly.
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    While the Chiefs have been playing great football, it's hard to see them winning the game. Steelers was in KC, this is in Indy, where the Colts are one of the best. Plus it's been a long time since Peyton lost consecutive regular season games. If the game was in KC, I would give the Chiefs a real shot at an upset, but being that it isn't, it's hard to see.
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    That is that happened to my Giants. Houston embarrassed them so they needed to break somebody. :icon_cry:
  11. MJ is the only one that makes any damn sense on this forum. I can see his points and they are good 1s but as for the rest of u peyton manning nutriders he can't do it all! His defense is straight garbage this season and if any1 can gameplan for charloe weis' changing mind each week I will be surprised but ok we will see.
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    I think we can beat them....I've said it before...we beat them in 2004 when we had a terrible defense....yeah, we had the great offense then....but if the Chiefs play the Colts, the same way they played the Niners...we CAN win this game! :icon_cool:
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    mj's the only? i didn't even bring up peyton in my response. i don't care who is at QB. i think a smart coaching staff is going to figure the chiefs out pretty easily and thump them. after the thumping occurs, the chiefs coaches will have to re-adjust and then we will know more about them and how legit they are.
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    While the Chiefs DO have a chance if they run the ball down the Colts throats and play good defense, it's still hard to imagine Peyton Manning losing at his stadium. And yes, Peyton CAN do it all by himself because he has before. I won't rule the Chiefs out though, the Colts run-D is horrific and overall, their defense is pretty bad. Should be a good game.
  16. I think this game will be very interesting overall. Anything is possible and bound to happen. Its just 1 of those mystery games u can't really predict.