Why The Chiefs Don't Need To Panic....Yet.

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  1. The Kansas City Chiefs season has surprised us in many ways this season from beginning to now. Nobody expected the chiefs to get off to such a great start with a 5-2 record and 1st place in the AFC West which many people thought the San Diego game was the beginning of a new face and great season for this Kansas City Chiefs team. Then all of the sudden the Chiefs are sitting at 5-4 and 1/2 a game behind Oakland and 1 slot out of the playoffs with back to back road losses to division rivals (FML!) Oakland and and Denver with just flatout the 2 worst performances of the season where injuries have kicked us in the butt and mentally mistakes are coming through some because of it and some because of lack of self-discipline or getting too high on ourselves.

    I don't think this team is a bad team but I think they are still growing up and things are just playing out for us to be a great team instead of just a good one in the future. This team has various amounts of talent on the roster but still some big wholes to fill at the same time which I can see that happening in a year or two and us becoming a deep good playoff team and super bowl contender. As of this year this team needs to dig down deep and take charge of the season and be the Kansas City Chiefs we saw the 1st half of the season and needs to get some discipline and toughness on the road and stay healthy as possible. Not all this is the players fault either the Coaches need to have confidence and believe in the players and all phases of the game and quit jacking around with the b.s. playcalls that either get us behind early or take away the lead late and I have seen sparks of this happen in both the Denver and Oakland road losses both on offense and defense wise.

    The Chiefs are very much in the race in the west and playoff wise with a schedule of Arizona-home, Seattle-away, Denver-Home, San Diego-Away, St Louis-Away, Tennesse-Home, and Oakland Home. The Chargers, Broncos, and Raiders all have tough schedules ahead of them the rest of the season and if you dont believe me you can look for yourself but to make things short and sweet WE MUST TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR LACK OF SCHEDULE! I see us dropping 2 maybe 3 on that schedule if we play our best football which should be enough to take this division. Chiefs Fans as we sit here today wondering what has been wrong with our team lately and rather we should panic and think of this 1st half of the season as a fluke I dont think we should panic or think of us a fluke but we will find out these next few weeks what we are really about especially when we get healthy again. The 2010 season is a mystery and very much up in the air as of right now and the leaders on this team need to step up and take charge of this team and save the season.

    Cassel needs to keep controlling and managing the game, Bowe needs to be Consistent, Charles and Jones need to rush like #1 in the league, the O-Line needs to stay healthy and play together just as well as the whole defense does and our rookies must step up in key situations and games! This season is far from over but also far from saved and its all up to the players, the coaches, and us as fans supporting this team week in and week out what the result of this season will be in the end. Its all or nothing...what will it be chiefs...what will it be??

    please feel free to comment and leave your thoughts about the article or the chiefs in general it would be greatly appreciated.
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    well, while I appreciate your enthusiasm and optimism for your team, I disagree.

    I don't think the Chiefs got too high on themselves. I think the Chiefs fans got too high on their team. I live in K.C. so I hear a lot of the local talk about them and there was actually mention of a Super Bowl by some after they started 3-0 and even as recent as 10 days ago, most here believed that the chiefs were a LOCK for the playoffs. :icon_eek:

    I don't think the Chiefs are as talented as you and most in K.C. think. Berry, Carr, and Flowers in the secondary are not as solid as many believe. The front 7 is improved but still below average. The o-line, again, is improved but not great. We all know Cassell barely qualifies as a starting qb in this league and he has very little receiving help.

    The problem that people are having with the Chiefs season is that they started out the first several weeks playing ABOVE their abilities. Crennel and Weis were doing some new things with this team and some of the new players added some mystery. However, opponents have caught up with their new coaching and new players and figured them out. This is why the Chiefs have looked very mediocre the last few weeks. They have come back to where they should be and if they finish .500, it is nothing to be ashamed of because they only won something like 8 games in their past 3 seasons combined so they would be matching that win total in just 1 season.

    Don't despair. I believe the coaching staff will remain in place after this season and the talent level on the team will continue to improve because I think Pioli knows what he is doing. I just think this season got KC fan's hopes up too soon.
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    Quite honestly...trying to read all that just gave me a headache....separate some paragraphs please!!! :icon_redface:

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    Totally agree with this. This team is in transition, and has made the right moves to build a team. Have patience.
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    Playoffs are still in reach...but that means not making young, and inexperienced teams plays. which we are. we have made strides since the past few years. SB is more likely in like about 2 years...IF...we continue to make good moves in the offseason and continue to get better as players (Pro-bowlers)
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    Thanks for spacing out the paragraphs, I appreciate it...:icon_cool:

    My thoughts are ...I love this team, and I'm telling you, the defense sucked against Denver...I'm hoping that was just a fluke, and not going to be the norm (AGAIN)

    ...I was very surprised at how well the defense and the O-line had improved during the offseason...but those are the 2 areas that were the biggest let-down in the loss Sunday

    ...Matt Cassel had a terrible game for almost the entire first half...we can't afford for him to continue to start games like that, and expect to win...but if he starts to consistently play like he did in the second half, we'll be OK. Although, it would be wonderful for us to make the playoffs...I'm not counting on it.

    Still, I think we can make the playoffs, but I really won't be that disappointed this year if we don't...we've already done better than a lot of people thought we would. So, I'm Ok with that....sort of. But I'd still like to win MORE games!!
  7. Ya I forget to break off into paragraphs sometimes because I get too into my writing but your better then I am because Ill be very dissappointed if we fail to make the postseason esepcially with our schedule and I think Haley expects more from this team as well.
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    Then why does he like Jones more than Charles?
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    That's a good question...and I don't know if you watched the game against the Broncos, but he did use Charles a lot more than Jones in that game (for all the good it did)...the Broncos definitely used their bye week to prepare for this game!!!
  10. It depends on who we are playing really and where at who haley gives more carries which at the beginning was working and picked the right strategy but the gameplan and preparation for last weeks game against denver was horrindous and made me wanna puke in disgust. Weis needs to pull his head out of his butt at times and the coaching staff shouldve had them ready to play that game instead of acting like it was going to be handed to em.

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    I can't wait to play seattle next week....Ill give you an observation and analysis of your team and mine after the game how does that sound "Mark Schlereth"?
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    Sometimes I think you follow me around and learn from my dialogue...