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Discussion in 'Buffalo Bills' started by wide right, Aug 7, 2007.

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    I had the pleasure of attending Bills camp this afternoon. Here are my camp notes.

    DE Anthony Hargrove, RB Dwayne Wright, and P Brian Moorman did not participate. DT John McCargo did, even lining up at the TE slot on field goals.

    QB JP Losman
    QB Trent Edwards
    WR Roscoe Parrish
    RB Marshawn Lynch
    CB Jason Webster

    WR Peerless Price
    RB Shaud Williams

    I made more notes but right as practice ended the sky opened up and my roster got washed away into nothingness. Then I got to stand in the rain for 20 minutes waiting for the shuttle bus to take us back to the parking lots.

    I heard nothing but bad things from 49ers fans when we signed Jason Webster. My God, did he look good! I don't think anyone doubts his talent so much as his ability to stay healthy. He broke up at least 4 passes I saw and was all over WR Peerless Price. The few times Price got open, JP and Edwards hit him square in the hands only to have Price drop it like it's hot. His skills are eroding quick like. I counted 3 drops. Roscoe Parrish looked freaking amazing on kickoff returns and just as good at WR. He's only 5' 7" but has blazing speed and may steal the #2 WR slot. Lynch reminds me so much of Thurman Thomas. He was just bouncing off defenders and making good runs. JP looked very poised and had a great touch on the long ball.

    Here's some pics:
    JP Losman

    Jason Webster

    Roscoe Parrish

    Marshawn Lynch and Trent Edwards
  2. Sweets

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    Thanx for the report wide right, even with the rain I hope you had a great time.

    Webster played all 16 games for us and did a lot better then he did in Atlanta but then the injuries started to set in, also he's way short and that had a lot to do with his play, the 49ers used to always end up getting these short mofos all the while the WRs in the league were getting taller and taller.
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    Awesome Wide Right! It is always good to hear things from fellow members talking about times at training camp.
  4. ollysj

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    Thanks for the report and the pictuers.
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    Thanks for your input, I've wanted to go to a practice(with it being so close) but never been able to get the time off of work.

    going to anymore?
  6. wide right

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    I'll probably go again next week. They got 2 night practices. I'd like to hit one of those. This was my first trip out to Fisher. I work odd hours nowadays and it's the first time I've been able to go since they started here a few years ago. It was a great time. Odd crowd though. Lots of kids there. It's hard for me to watch football without beer and cursing. I only yelled profanities once the whole time. Freaking Peerless Price and his drops.
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    Sweet. It looks like you got pretty close based on the pics.

    Did you get see much of Poz?
  8. wide right

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    It's a division 3 college field they play on so there aren't really any bad spots to watch from. I got right up on the fence for the pics and then zoomed in a bit.

    Poz didn't really make any plays that stood out as about 80% of the drills were passing. I only got one pic of him and it wasn't that great.
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    Thanks. I'll rep you