Will Brian Westbrook Help The Washington Redskins?

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    One of the benefits the Washington Redskins get after acquiring Donovan McNabb is an direct insight from him on which players he feels a comfort zone with. Complying to this opinion may help the team have an inside edge on re-signing the veteran who will be a free agent at the conclusion of the season.

    There is perhaps no player in McNabb's pro career who has sat in this comfort zone better than Brian Westbrook. The 30 year old running back is hoping to play a ninth season after being cut by the Philadelphia Eagles at the conclusion of 2009 after having spent his entire career in the backfield beside McNabb. The two know each other better than most backfield mates in the NFL.

    Westbrook is a small back, standing 5'8", who has battled injuries virtually every year of both his professional and collegiate career. When healthy, he is dynamic and especially dangerous in the passing game. He is one of only seven players in NFL history to have at least 30 rushing touchdowns and 25 receiving touchdowns in a career. With 29 touchdown catches, he is one away from the rarefied air of the "30-30 club".

    Westbrook also was born in Washington D.C. and is was a star at DeMatha High School, which has helped develop innumerous professional athletes. This includes his younger brother, Byron Westbrook, who is entering his fourth season as a cornerback for the Redskins.

    One thing the Redskins have done this offseason is stuff their roster with running backs most pundits considered washed up. Incumbent Clinton Portis is now joined by veterans Larry Johnson and Willie Parker. Graybeards by NFL standards at the position, and both Portis and Parker have been battling injuries themselves the last few years.

    None of the trio are considered excellent receiving backs, so their offering Westbrook a contract says that the role of third down back is unfilled. Though he has yet to agree to terms, Westbrook can clearly see the role the Redskins have planned for him. One of few carries and many receptions. With Johnson recently seen working on the teams short yardage unit, carries will be scarce regardless.

    Critics are wondering why the team is so intent on getting guys with seemingly bald and flat tires for the 2010 season. It seems dubious any of these men will be able to carry the load at this junction of their careers, and there are questions if any will stay healthy an entire season.

    There is no truth to the rumor that the team has placed feelers to Redskins legends John Riggins nor Larry Brown to see what they have left. Though the paychecks might be bigger than what either received as players, it is doubtful either will be tempted to run behind an offensive line full of questions at every position.

    It appears Westbrook may be weighing his options, though no other teams have reportedly even offered him a chance to workout for them. Considering he has never played a full season his entire career, it is dubious that he will get a better offer than what the Redskins are currently presenting to him.

    The familiarity with McNabb also has to be a major factor, as the two will know where each other are on virtually every play as they have most of their careers. If healthy, Westbrook could get thrown to upwards to 50 times on a team that has a wide receiver corps that most experts deem the weakest in the NFC East.

    There is also a chance the other three running backs get injured or are ineffective, thus thrusting Westbrook back in the role of featured back. There are few teams left in the league he has this opportunity, so it will be interesting to see if the two-time Pro Bowler comes home to reunite with his brother, McNabb, and his hometown.
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    yeah because the redskins have an awesome track record when it comes to signing old FA's that no one else wants. lol
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    I dunno if WB has enough in the tank to help McNabb and the deadskins out. I hope so for the former and not for the later but either way..... that is a BEAUTIFUL picture in the original post.
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    If Westbrook can stay healthy, he can help any team.
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    Have you forgotten what Shanahan does with washed up and no name running backs? This has nothing to do with the old Redskins, this isn't Cerrato and Vinny so your jokes of the past are irrelevant, this is Allen and Shanahan and I guarantee if we do get him, he'll do good. He'll probably be our 3rd down back.

    I'm down for a local kid being on the Redskins, just hope I don't see him get killed on the field, don't know how many more concussions he can take.
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    If they sign him, at least twice a season.
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    No doubt. One of my favorites.
  9. He is better than Willie Parker.
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    No he's not at this point. He is also probobly a concussion away from his career being over. It might not even be a good idea for him to play anymore.

    Why is Bryant Westbrook still on the market?

    Because its not 2006
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    Well I never heard of Bryant Westbrook.:icon_cheesygrin:
  12. Westbrook can still play. If the medical stuff works out then he is better than Willie Parker and he may be better than Larry Johnson. Parker has no explosion and from all reports hasn't looked very good this offseason. He also doesn't contribute on 3rd downs, like Westbrook. If Westbrook was such a bad player he wouldn't have 3 or four teams interested in him.
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    Actually, Bryant Westbrook was a Texas CB that got drafted 4th overall the same year Shawn Springs came out. Tore his knee up a few times and ruined his career. Had a cup of coffee with Dallas and looked like he was going to be a quality reclamation project and tore his knee up on last time

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    Trust me at this point in time Westbrook is not as good a player as Parker. Parker could still be a featured back. If Westbrook was a featured back, his career would probobly be over after 3 games, and unfortunatly for him, Im not saying that to be a smart butt. Westbrook also doesnt have the speed and agility he did in 2006-07. He has played the last two years like a guy who's injury history is catching up to him
  14. I disagree. Parker doesn't have the burst he once did. Neither Parker or Westbrook are feature backs anymore. I think you have to give the edge to Westbrook because he can play 3rd downs.
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    I think that is where Westbrook may be able to help some, but he isnt a game breaker anymore. He is much easier to defend than he was in the past.

    Personally, I dont think he should be playing anymore. Just because the Docters clear you doesnt mean you should play
  16. I won't disagree. Both are former shells of the great players they once were.
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    You forgot to mention that Bryant has been on the market since 2003. :wink:
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    Didn't know Vinny was two different people? :icon_cheesygrin:
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    Some of the moves he's made? You'd think they were done by two different people...both equally bad...lol.
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    Haha I meant Vinny and Snyder, but whatever haha. Yeah though, Vinny was two people, once and awhile he'd get us some good pics, for instance, Orakpo, Thomas, Kelly. Then of course there the Carlos Rogers type picks.

    I think we could have had Merriman if I remember and that idiot took Carlos, what a freaking idiot.