Will Highest Bidder Move Bills Out Of Buffalo?

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    I am all for stadium commissions, studies and a no-stone-unturned search for a local owner who will annually turn his back on tens of millions of dollars to keep the Bills in Buffalo. I am also all for understanding reality, acknowledging likely outcomes and preparing for a probable eventuality. In other words, enjoy the Bills here while you can. I like a long shot as much as the next guy. But let's not kid ourselves. The economics of the NFL long ago whizzed past our smaller-market, economically stagnant burg. Such metropolises as Los Angeles, Toronto and even London are NFL-covetous -- and vice-versa. With the team presumably getting sold to the highest bidder after Ralph Wilson's estate is settled, the Bills' future in Buffalo will likely not extend past the 2022 expiration of the 10-year lease. If it makes it past the one-time, 2019, cheap-buyout exit for the next owner. "Long term, it's fair to say the team is at risk of being moved," said Ted Fay, a sports management professor at SUNY Cortland. "Buffalo doesn't make common sense as a business model."

    Source: Buffalo News
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    buffalo has great nfl fans. it would be a shame if they lost their team.
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    Ralph Wilson already turning over...
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    then shoot him in the head. We may be facing the same thing when Tom Benson dies. He is the 4th oldest owner right now. The seccession goes to his family but Rita will want to move them to San Antonio.