Will The Lions Be The Surprise Team Of The NFC?

Discussion in 'New York Giants' started by TDJets72027, Aug 29, 2011.

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    Neither of us has any idea what will actually happen this season, but that is a steep butt prediction.
  2. No disrespect as a Bears fan I've seen the Lions bomb for so many years deep down inside I would actually like to see these guys do well for once...All I've heard for the last 3 years is that Lions are going to be the suprise team in the NFL. Is it because they have the first pick of the draft alomst every year????...1st it was "well they have a strong core of WR's",then it was Stafford and now it's Suh and his impressive play...I just won't buy into it until it actually happens.
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    I was with you until you mentioned Suh. He backed up the hype and if they do surprise it will be because of that front four and not Stafford. I've never heard anybody say they were going to be the surprise team until this year. I feel the hype is warranted because by their standards last year was impressive and hopefully they can build off of it. Being a Saints fan I know how disheartening having a joke of a team can be.
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    I am aware of that. lol But after seeing them in action so far it is hard not to feel they are gonna make some noise. I may have jumped the gun a little with the 60 sacks, but I do think they will beat the hell out of some apposing QB's. :beer: