Will Todd Haley Coach The Chiefs In 2012?

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    Chiefs head coach Todd Haley’s contract expires after the 2012 season. So the team has three options — fire him, extend his contract or do nothing and relegate him to lame duck status next year. The latter is a particularly bad option as evidenced by the 2010 Panthers where John Fox, a good coach, saw his Panthers fall from 8-8 in 2009 to 2-14 during the last year of his deal. The Packers pursued an interesting course of action with Mike Sherman. During 2005 the head coach was in the last year of his contract when the team gave him a two-year extension just before the regular season began, allowing him to maintain his authority in the locker room, but the deal was not financially cumbersome nor did it prevent them from firing Sherman at season’s end and hiring Mike McCarthy. Could the Chiefs adopt a similar strategy?

    Source: National Football Post
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    i live in k.c. and i'm not seeing a whole lot of momentum for haley to stay. i think he's as good as gone and the fact that they signed orton confirms that belief (then the front office can say "we gave haley all the talent he needed to succeed, he just didn't get it done")