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    Whats up gif and welcome to codatious99s first and maybe only super fantasy stone cold lead pipe wrestlemania prediction palooza !!! yay!!!

    Wrestlemania 29 is coming up and the card is set. This is all for fun and im going to give my predictions for how I think the wwe machine will book it regardless of how I would want things to turn out. Heres my thoughts on wrestlemania 29, the superbowl of the wwe.

    Pre-Show WWE Intercontinental Title Match:
    -The Miz vs. Wade Barrett

    For some reason I think the recent sad news of rick flairs son passing away led to this match being pushed down the card. Nature boy was scheduled to appear at the last few Monday night RAWs and he could have been booked to be in the Miz’s corner. Flair passed on the figure four to The Miz and while the possible Flair heel turn on Miz would be interesting I think the WWE was going to book Barrett strong. Now things could change…….

    Predection: For a hour long preshow on youtube the wwe isn’t looking to sell more quick ppv buys. A good guy doesn’t need to win here, I see Wade Barrett picking up the win.

    World Heavyweight Title Match:
    -Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Jack Swagger

    Jack Swaggers America is taking over and its stance on drinking and possession of the sticky icky is all right with me. Too bad swaggers heat has died down the last few weeks. Del rios face run is nice considering I couldn’t even stand watching him on tv before. For the peeps thinking ziggler cashes in on wrestlemanina I think they are dead wrong because the wwe doesn’t waste cash ins on event that is already going to sell. No point for ziggs to have the WHC at the end of the night, the next night on on raw or at the end of backlash that’s a different story.

    Prediction: Swagger should have a decent run with his current gimmick(possible suspension coming IDK) and while I see del rio as a better facer chaser for the championship I think Del Rio gets his WM moment and walks out champ.

    -Brodus Clay, Tensai, Cameron and Naomi vs. Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow and The Bella Twins

    This match could be anywhere on the card if not changed at the last minute. Over under on entrance longer than the actual match itself. While the dancing thing for the kiddies is understandable and the bella twins being brought back due to Cena and Daniel Byran needing their bone drones on the road with them why not throw this match together.

    Prediction: Id say im a fan of brodus and tensai as a team. I would say im a fan of that booty dancing team of Cameron and Naomi. I would say im a fan of cody Rhodes and damien sandow and also the team itself team rhode scholars…… but this match on the WM card instead of a US CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH with antino cesaro and ohhhh anyone just seems off. Team Tons of Funk wins.

    -Fandango vs. Chris Jericho

    A lot of hate going on from the iwc for this match. Fandangos gimmick isn’t meant to make fans of any kind happy, he is trying to draw as much heat as possible. Listen to the fans at live shows chanting “you cant wrestle†even tho the guy hasn’t had a match on tv. Say whatever you want about chris y2j Jericho, but he is one of the best in ring performers eeeevvveeer.

    Prediction: While one could say Y2J doesn’t need a win and Fandango needs it to keep getting over sometimes a loss works out best for the young gun. Im going with Y2J for the win in a impressive match but Fandango makes his mark and leaves y2j beat up

    WWE Tag Team Title Match:
    -Team Hell No (c's) vs. Dolph Ziggler and Big E. Langston

    Ziggler and bryan are great talents. Kane is an old school favorite but still has a lot going for him in the ring and lots of potential storylines. Big E has been nothing but booked as a monster in the ring and even showing mic skills once and awhile. Team hell no is getting stale and a break up continuing from elimination chamber is expected, but the pay off for another kane bryan feud is lacking.

    Prediction: Zigglers time is coming it is I promise, but tag champ and possible world champion all in one night at wrestlemania I think not. While the team hell no is bound for break up I think this team gets one last big win
    -Ryback vs. Mark Henry

    Worlds strongest man v feed me more. Mark henry is being booked perfectly as the strong monster heel. Running full steam into the a fan favorite Ryback this match should be a great (5 MIN) battle of the big men.
    Prediction: this ones easy. Ryback gets his first WM moment and lifts the WSM for the 123.

    No Holds Barred Match with Triple H's Career On The Line:
    -Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H with Shawn Michaels in Triple H's corner
    Heres the deal with brock lesnar, The guy is a real ufc mma fighter and his value in the wwe is great. HHH is the guy that has been there and done that. Putting someone’s streak or career on the line is a normal WM match now a days.

    Prediction: This is the hardest match to call because either way HHH could get back into wrestling and Brock could still be booked as a monster going forward. Im leaning towards HHH winning and keeping his wrestling career going, but look out for a big lesner run.

    -Sheamus, Big Show and Randy Orton vs. The Shield
    The shield is possibly the best booked faction to come along in the wwe in a long time. Big things are ahead for the group and for each member in singles competition. Big show being a heel going with the super over good guys in sheamus and orton is a nice change of pace. Shield has shown it’s a stronger team but will they be able to win on the big stage?

    Prediction: The shield doesn’t really need a win here but storylines and the future of this heel faction going forward would benefit from something shocking going on during this match. Predicating slash booking this WM as I see the matches falling in this order the wwe is going to need some heels after cm punk takes his reported break after WM. Orton or Sheamus is going to either turn on the team or show signs of frustration leading to a heel turn. Im going on a limb here and taking sheamus to join the shield or turn on orton and big show.

    WWE Title Match:
    -The Rock (c) vs. John Cena

    Twice in a lifetime, maybe thrice who knows.Rock wins round one, round two goes to cena right?!? Cena has been on this heel tizzy on the last few RAWs. Smarks jump on the bandwagon dyeing to see a cena heel turn. Smackdown last week gave us a returning john laurinaitis and planted in my mind a possible WM 17 like swerve where Austin joined McMahon what if john joined john? While the big cena heel turn would be nice he and his make a wish merchandise selling cant see me crap isn’t going anywhere. Plus this is WM and an angle like Cena turning his back on the WWE universe wont happen on a show that has already sold itself. Don’t forget the WWE is about making money. A Cena heel turn wont happen at WM29.

    Prediction. After all that, Rock v Cena comes down to this. Last time cena won the rumble he came back surprisingly from injury and went on to lose his match for the title. This wont happen again. Rock had his hometown win, cena gets his……in a chorus of boos and you cant wrestle chants….cena new wwe champ

    -CM Punk vs. The Undertaker
    CM Punk has been amazing in his promos even though this feud has only had four weeks to build. Taker looks out of shape but still carries that evil dead man look that still gets over. Its sad when entertainers in the wwe pass away and rip paul moody but these guys live for the business and any of these storylines would have been okd for the show. The urn and the mystic of the undertaker being brought up is golden. Punk will try to get taker dq’d and counted out any thing to get a win. This wont be a hbk type match but will be just as good.

    Prediction: How many finisher kick outs im going with 5. I think this match goes on last to send the fans home happy with the 21-0 and with undertaker and his pyro in the background.

    ill hopefully be watching the show on sunday cheers peeps