Woman Who Falsely Accused Falcons LB Brian Banks Of Rape Ordered To Pay $2.6M

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    A woman who falsely accused Atlanta Falcons rookie linebacker Brian Banks of rape has been ordered to pay The Long Beach Unified School District $2.6 million.

    Wanetta Gibson was 15 in 2002 when she falsely accused Banks of raping her. Before the charges, Banks was a star middle linebacker at Long Beach Polytechnic High School and had verbally committed to a full scholarship at the University of Southern California. He spent five years in prison and spent five years on parole where he was mandated to register as a s*x offender before being exonerated of all charges in 2012.

    Gibson was ordered to repay the $750,000 settlement she received, attorneys' fees, interest and $1 million in punitive damages, The Long Beach Press-Telegram reported.

    Source: ESPN
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  2. JEMicklos

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    Re: Woman Who Falsely Accused Falcons QB Brian Banks Of Rape Ordered To Pay $2.6M

    Good. I hope Banks makes ATL's roster. He's been through Hell
  3. ollysj

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    Re: Woman Who Falsely Accused Falcons QB Brian Banks Of Rape Ordered To Pay $2.6M

    Freaking golddigger
  4. DawkinsINT

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    Re: Woman Who Falsely Accused Falcons QB Brian Banks Of Rape Ordered To Pay $2.6M

    The harsher the penalties, the better.
  5. themush

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    An example needs to be made outta her. This crying rape bullcrap has to stop.
  6. Tarkus

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    1st off, aughta be sentenced to exactly what Banks got, 5 & 5, then tried/convicted/sentenced for fraud.

    2nd, why does she have to pay the school district punitive damages? Banks should be the 1st & only one in line to get punitive money. This snitch won't pay as it is but any pennies all go to him.
  7. K Train

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    Screwed up, that money should go to him or she should be thrown in jail. Long beach school district doesnt need any of that money
  8. CaptainStubing

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    I think accusers like this should do jail time. Although in this case, she was a minor at the time

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    After reading some of the statements made by Brian, and seeing his attitude about it, I wouldn't be surprised if he'd turn down anything to do with her. Sure he wants to move past this nightmare and focus on playing football
  10. Diesel44

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    the state convicted him! they should have to cough up at least what the woman who lied about him did!
  11. markaz

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    Will that be cash, check or credit card to the city? Forget the money she can't pay. Give her jail time. If she and her parents were willing to lie even though she was a minor, she was "intelligent" enough to cry rape and should suffer the consequences as an adult.
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  12. SeanTaylor21

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    Good, she won't pay any of that but good crap.
  13. 86WARD

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    So if you punish her, the next broad that pulls this stunt will think twice about coming forward...it's some bullcrap no matter how you look at it.
  14. Diesel44

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    i can't remember the whole story,but was'nt he underage when he was convicted and sent to jail after they had willing both agreed to have s*x?
  15. TheSnowman

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    I want to preface this with a statement that people who make up rape accusations are terrible human beings, as I don't want the next part to be misidentified as letting those people off the hook.

    However when considering punishment for such situations, I think it's really important to also weigh the reality that when the liars are exposed in such a glorious fashion with so much hatred, that fosters a really intimidating environment for anyone to bring an allegation even when it's true.

    I'm not saying there can be no punishment, not by any means. Just that it's not the only factor in a complex, emotional issue.

    ICECOLD 1st Stringer

    Good point here. I think its a case by case basis. In this case, 10 years of his life were ruined, so she should be subject to something comparable in the least. And the punitive damages aren't going to the proper people in this case imo
  17. JEMicklos

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    This girl is lucky I'm not Banks. Every dollar is received from the settlements and then every dollar she made during those 10 years would be mine. I would leave her with nothing. Broke, homeless, car less. There would be some serious vengeance going on. Luckily, I'm not Banks nor do I intend to get into this kind of situation, ever
  18. falloutboy14

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    If it hasn't been said yet, she sued the school district for having lax security for when she claimed she was raped.

    As for her & jail time, I'd say the state of California shouldn't spend another dime on her. Do a plea deal where she agrees to not sign up for any sort of public assistance. Then let her work 80 hour work weeks to pay off the school/whoever else.

    As for Banks suing the woman/state etc, I bet there exists a date 5-6 years from now where his right to sue expires. As that date approaches he'll choose what's best. For now its football time and working to get on the field.