WR Brandon Marshall Wants To Retire With Bears

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    It didn't take long for Brandon Marshall to settle in with the Chicago Bears. Now he doesn't want to leave.

    "I continue to take care of my body, continue to do the right things on and off the field, I think I have a chance to retire as a Bear," Marshall told ESPN Radio Chicago. "I never want to make absolute statements, but I really can't see past this organization for me. I love football, but at this level and at this point in my career, only certain situations, certain environments, make it fun.

    "And this is an environment where -- you guys saw last night -- I felt like I was a 6-year-old kid out there and I want to continue to play that way and continue to have that joy in my heart. And I have it here, and hopefully we win here and I have that opportunity -- like a lot of other guys -- to end my career as a Bear. I'm excited."

    Life is good for Marshall right now. He's been reunited with his favorite quarterback in Jay Cutler. Fans love having a legit No. 1 receiver for the first time in many of their lives. The team is 3-1 with a Super Bowl-caliber defense. He's on pace for a career-high 1,400 receiving yards. The pizza is world-renowned.

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    We'll see what he has to say after the next loss...