WR Jeremy Kerley (TCU) Scouting Report

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  1. WR Jeremy Kerley (TCU)


    Round: 4th

    Positive: Playmaker

    Negative: Experience in running a variety of routes

    Release: Above Average

    Route Running: Average

    Separation: Above Average

    Hands: Average

    Jump Ball: Average

    Breaks Tackles: Above Average

    Was a very good KR/PR in college. Explosive player. Smooth route runner. Smooth in and out of breaks.
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    these are honestly painful to read go in depth with it cause this is way to vague
  3. how is it not in depth?

    I covered every area of a WR that is important and put additional things I noticed. No one make 4 page scouting reports on one player haha.

    Also, if you're gonna snitch at least say what your snitchin about specifically.

    Just looked at yours and this is one of my shorter ones but yours aren't any longer than mine and the only thing yours has that mine doesn't is player comparisons.
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