WR Percy Harvin Requests A Trade From Minnesota Vikings

Discussion in 'Minnesota Vikings' started by Sweets, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. Sweets

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    Percy Harvin's situation in Minnesota is getting uglier by the day. The fourth-year receiver has requested a trade from the Vikings, NFL.com's Ian Rapoport confirmed Wednesday, this follows a day where Harvin hinted about multiple "problems" with the Vikings. "I'll just put it this way -- it's a lot of different things that have to be sorted out," Harvin said. "Just haven't been real happy lately. So, we've got a couple things to work on. I'm here in the classroom, so we'll go from here." Vikings coach Leslie Frazier didn't sound concerned about Harvin on Wednesday but this should get Frazier's attention. Harvin went on the field for the team's second practice on Tuesday, but did not practice extensively. There has been speculation Harvin isn't happy with how the team handled his injury situation, you can also usually follow the money when a player is unhappy. For now, that's all speculation.

    Source: NFL.com
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  2. TheSnowman

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    Look into it Browns..
  3. K Train

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    every post is gonna be omg bring him in to x team

    no way they trade him, no way
  4. Sweets

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    Who wants that freaking head case....Vikings have 2 years left on his contract, they aren't going to give him his way on this....He was trouble in college and Childress gave him a chance and he threw Childress under the bus...HEAD CASE...
  5. soopacee

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    "talented" head case lol

    look at ocho, he is beyond bananas and he still find works
  6. K Train

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    hes not really a head case or trouble, he smoked weed in college and was notorious for freaking all the girls tebow wouldnt...thats pretty much it. hes their second best offensive player, hes not a great #1 but hes a nasty slot/KR/scat back.

    childress blows
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  7. TheSnowman

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    I'm not one of the mongrels clamorring to "git dis guy," so much as I just think Cleveland would be dumb not to at least look into it IF it appears Minnesota is open to discussing it. When healthy and focused, Harvin fits what Cleveland wants to do and has what they're missing.

    I'll agree that he isn't likely to get what he wants.
  8. DatR3al

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    Don't be surprised if they do something stupid, it wouldn't be the first time. I can see them giving him what he wants.
  9. Mike

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    he is a 'headcase' migrine boy
  10. krfire

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    Get rid of him, he's a freaking whiner with a bad attitude. Good Ridance.
  11. wonderyears

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    Times like these I'm glad we have Mr Mckenzie. Al Davis (RIP), would be selling the farm to get this guy and his speed.