WR Smith Returns To Confident Unbeaten Panthers

Discussion in 'Carolina Panthers' started by Sportsguy, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. Sportsguy

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    Steve Smith is back with the Carolina Panthers, just in time to join a team full of confidence after a surprising 2-0 start.The receiver's two-game suspension for breaking teammate Ken Lucas' nose in a training camp fight ended Monday morning.

    Source: ESPN.com
  2. Roy31

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    The Panthers look good. Delhomme isn't much but the team as a whole has been playing good. Stewart is the RB they've been missing.
  3. chiefswin19games

    chiefswin19games Don't be defeated.

    Delhomme isn't much? Did you watch them play against SD? His numbers don't look great but I think he's done well considering he's coming back from injury.

    I do agree that Stewart is what they needed. He's still my pick for ROY.
  4. 86WARD

    86WARD -

    Delhomme's numbers are going to go up with Smith in the line up...
  5. Omen

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    i think roy means that jake aint like mcnabb or romo or rogers or ya get the picture.........but he does enough to get the job done
  6. bigsexyy81

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    You'd think so... better happen, I got that fool in FF!
  7. 86WARD

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    My Smith prediction this week...137 yards...2 TD's. Guy loves to torch Atlanta!
  8. ncnvader

    ncnvader Stewart and Williams

    I'm going to agree with you, i'll miss the classic battle of Smith/Hall though, and the hissy fits hall would throw when smith would block him. i say 130+ yards, and 2 td's this game. Stewart will get a score himself. Oh did i mention i'll be there :) and last game i went to i believe we won 52-3.
  9. 86WARD

    86WARD -

    Still one of my favorite signatures ncn...
  10. ncnvader

    ncnvader Stewart and Williams

    Yeah man you did a great job, i don't think i will be going away from this one for some time.